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digital camera


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i'm shopping for a new digital camera.. i want something from the 200-400 dollar range. i've peeped these so far let me know if you got an opinion on any of them









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please dont get an olympus, please.



i dont know specifics about those models as i am not in the market but just make sure you have basic things like white balance and manual exposure controls.


i have a few freinds with that sony and they are pleased, the best thing about the sonys is how the menus are setup, much more user freindly than nikon or olympus.

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Originally posted by slightly

i would go for that sony if i were you

I've been doing a lot of research lately, reading reviews, checking specs, looking at different cameras in person, and i'd definitely recommend that camera as well(which is why i'm planning to order it very soon).


For lots of reviews, specs, buyers opinions and such, go check out www.cnet.com

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It wasn't the best price, but i'm going with one that after shipping is going to cost me $356. There were a few sites that i found it cheaper at, but they were kind of sketchy, so i just went with a reliable site instead and i'll fork out the few extra dollars just to make sure it actually gets to me. I do believe the site is called newegg.com. It was on cnet or dznet and i just calculated the shipping, so it might be a few extra/less dollars for you.

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Originally posted by MrChupacabra

downside to that canon a70 is it uses normal batteries, where as for a little bit more loot you can get a camera that uses a lithium ion battery, which to me is well worth it.


Considering the batteries last about 5.5 hours (4 hours longer than lithium), I'd rather just get the cheaper AA batteries. Here's an excerpt from dpreview.com.


Battery life was also a big surprise with this camera, we've simply never had a camera last so long on AA batteries.


Best of all is image quality which really is much better than I had expected and really is about as good as it gets for a three megapixel compact digital camera. But better than all this must be the price. At the moment you can get the PowerShot A70 for under US$350 (under £300 in the UK), at that price you would be very foolish to not consider the A70, I could happily recommend it over any budget priced digital camera and certainly persuade those who want a '$200 digital camera' to spend that little bit more for the huge difference it would make.

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Yeah, i know the double A's last longer, but you're still going to be paying everytime you go through the batteries, where as with the lithium ion you can just recharge, but for some people you don't have the time or place to charge, so that extra battery life is worth it. I just personally like the lithium ion, but to each his own.


Glik0, which cybershot, cuz if its the p8, then we'll both be flossing that in a few days

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well really, i'm thinking about saving up for one like your getting. i might want something between 200-300 dollars but as soon as i get a job i shouldn't have a problem with anything under 500. so i'll just change the question to what do you think is the best camera i can get between 200 and 500 dollars.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

All these are decent cameras but they lack freedom of options. I dunno how serious you are about photography but at somepoint you'll surely need to operate more manual than just point and shoot.

At this pricerange i'd say go for an Olympus or a fuji. Check the olympus c-3030 and c-3040.


Heres the best site on digi research.



happy hunting.

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