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character girls..........


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the only ones i like outa mines is the hoola hoop one and the movies one .. even though the hoola hoop one didnt take but 45 mins i like it ... are all my drawings in porportion??? lol i have drew like those in a while well i have i juz havent scanned em... ill see wha i can do..

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Originally posted by Stomah

It does look like her, but it also reminds me of the redhead from That 70's Show



Neither. that's just some model.. Dont know who. I'm always drawing people's faces from shit i see in magazines.. But I did do some water colors of that 70's show chick a looong fuckin time ago. I'll find them.


Nomaq..You are my hero..


Well maybe not. But those are really good.

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Originally posted by Nomaq

dam my mad scientist pic is to fucken small u cant see the mad detailin my MAD SCIENTIST... anyways that shit was hard


jesus its been said before but quit jocking yourself, you really come off sounding like a cunt most of the time.


last time I checked this was also the Char. Girls thread. fishing for compliments like whoah.


good day.

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Originally posted by HIGHvoltage


(self portrait)


(figure bullshit)


(sort-of self portrait)


goddamnit!!! i hate it when it puts up the URL instead of the pic... sorry... goddamit!!!!!! :mad:



dont get mad get glad :D

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