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Weapon X

I go to raves and pop 3 and a half fishes.

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Scientists first became interested in the fish oil treatment after noticing countries with high fish consumption had the lowest rates of depression.

One study found mothers in England who ate very little fish during pregnancy doubled their risk of developing postpartum depression.


Jim LaBonte took part in the Massachusetts study. LaBonte was diagnosed with depression four years ago. He complained Prozac left him with no emotions and stopped taking it.


LaBonte took the omega-3 fatty acid DHA every day. Within three weeks, he says he noticed a difference. He's now been on it for eight months.


"I'm fine today. Not only do I not feel as blue, but when (depressed feelings) do come, I am able to handle it."


Mischoulon says LaBonte's experience is similar to many others undergoing the treatment.


"It's pretty clear in our minds that these treatments work."


Mischoulon's is one of several studies around the world looking at the link between fish oil and depression.


One study discovered that omega-3 fatty acids raised the levels of serotonin, critical to feeling good, in piglets. It had the same effect on the brain as Prozac.


At Sheffield University, 70 depressed patients were given omega-3. None of them had success with drugs such as Prozac. After 12 weeks, almost 70 per cent of patients showed a marked improvement.


The studies suggest one gram a day of omega-3 fatty acids can be an effective treatment, whether in the form of a supplement or by eating fish — salmon, tuna, sardines — a few times a week.




Written by CBC News Online staff

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my roomate takes omega-3 all the time.

I guess she's a little less psycho than before. I guess.



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Guest willy.wonka

i eat raw fish...i like it red and with shoyu

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