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suburbian bum

An alternative to smarter child

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Hi, sorry about the other topic, i forgot to name it so i cant get into it... What i said is:


There is an alternative to smarterchild on aim: leknorchat2 I like him more cause you can actually carry out a conversation with him Its great fun. HOpe you enjoy.

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thanks, cause I accidentally put smarter child on block, and dont know how the bring the bastard back

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someone warned Leknorchat2 that kids warning level is 100% damn....


i was talking to smarter child and he probably said the funniest line he has ever said to me, here it goes:

chssoccerholigan: so...


SmarterChild: So what?


chssoccerholigan: whats the dilly?


SmarterChild: You know, I could never quite figure out what the dilly is...


i cried laughing....yet i dont know why...

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BALLAonAbudget56: whats up

LeknorChat2: Can I help you?

Can I help you?

I am chatting with clients on the internet.

BALLAonAbudget56: what goin on?

LeknorChat2: That's a good question. Try searching the open directory.

BALLAonAbudget56: no

BALLAonAbudget56: why are you being mean to me?

LeknorChat2: Why not?

I didn't mean to be mean to you.

BALLAonAbudget56: r u a fag

LeknorChat2: That is a rude question.

BALLAonAbudget56: ok

BALLAonAbudget56: y?

LeknorChat2: Alright then.

Tell me more about your mother.

BALLAonAbudget56: ah

BALLAonAbudget56: she died a few years back

BALLAonAbudget56: thanx for rubbing it in

LeknorChat2: Ah hah.

Oh I get it. she died a few years back.

Don't mention it. Your purpose is rubbing it in.

BALLAonAbudget56: ok

BALLAonAbudget56: real nice

BALLAonAbudget56: jerk

LeknorChat2: Alright then.

Are you a student?

That kind of language does not appeal to me.

BALLAonAbudget56: no i droped out now im sellin yay

LeknorChat2: I understand. That is interesting: BALLAonAbudget56 said he droped out now im sellin yay.

BALLAonAbudget56: yeah thats right

BALLAonAbudget56: a/s/l?

LeknorChat2: I thought I was right.

How do you usually introduce yourself?

BALLAonAbudget56: a/sl

BALLAonAbudget56: a/s/l

LeknorChat2: Try to tell me that another way.

Not many people express themselves that way.



"now how can i perfect this? livin' recless, die for my neclace"


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