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I was never good at math.. TOP 5

A.K.A. Top 5

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It's been a while, but it usually has been..

Here it is, this weeks TOP 5...


1) All Out War - Redemption For The Innocent


2) All Out War - For Those Who Were Crucified


3) Blood For Blood - Spit My Last Breath


4) Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred of Man


5) Earth Crisis - All Out War


Bonus: Next time Double Eh.

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Radiohead. Probably the best show i've ever seen.

...and I've seen a lot of shows.






one. radiohead - Like Spinning Plates (live acoustic with piano) [ask me if you want this mp3]

two. radiohead - Pyramid Song

three. Brad Mehldau - Exit Music (For A Film)

four. Souls Of Mischief - Cabfare

five. Brad Mehldau - Paranoid Android

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Guest imported_El Mamerro
Originally posted by ubejinxed

big boy - No quiero hacerte sufrir

big boy - chica de la voz sensual

big boy - Chica Bon Bon


HAHAHAHAHA, damn, how the hell did you find out about the eminence that is the great Big Boy?




-Daddy Yankee, "Seguroski" <--- essential DPC goodness


-Animals on Wheels, "Battered Sausage Wendy"


-Micranots, Intro on the album "Return of the Travellahs"


-Blackalicious, "You Didn't Know That Though"


-Britny Fox, "Girlschool" (cause my baby broke all the rules)



Bonus: some shit by Ironbitchface

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Radiohead - Gagging Order (its a b-side on their new single)

The Smiths - Well I Wonder (fuckin hell i'm depressed)

John Fahey - shit i've forgotten the title. its on his last-ever album Red Cross, which i highly recommend. you can find it here if you're in the UK. hope that doesn't count as soliciting!


i'm gonna have to leave it at those three i'm afraid. i'll add two more tommorrow morning when there should be a Quantic Soul Orchestra cd on my doormat...

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For the mellow portion of the week:


Aphex Twin-4

Aphex Twin-Windowlicker remix

Tiki Obmar- I...I...I Was

Tiki Obmar-lillypadsA

Jega-Alternating Bit


For the not so mellow portion of the week:


Nehemiah-The Asphyxiation Process

Nehemiah-Awaiting Eschiel

With Dead Hands Rising-Tourniquet Girl

With Dead Hands Rising-The Gun, The Glitz, The Glamour

Coma Eternal-Failure Is Divine Satire

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The Fuck You People I Still Like These Bands Installment.


Sworn Enemy - IDS





Buried Alive - Poisoned Seeds






E-Town Concrete - Baptism





7l&esoteric - Speak Now





Commin Correct - Commin Correct

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Guest ctrl+alt+del

Johnny Cash- Hurt


Pharcyde - Passin Me By


Pink Floyd-Another Brick in The Wall Pt.II


Janes Addiction - Been Caught Stealing


Black Sabbath- War Pigs

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Joan Jett and The Blackhearts-"I Love Rock 'n' Roll"

The J. Geils Band-"Centerfold"

The Chambers Brothers-"Time Has Come Today"

The Crown City Rockers-"Keep It Right"(hip-hop)

Justice System-"Summer In The City"(Diamond D remix)




O-Type Star-"Onion Rings"

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