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Electricians needed:


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Originally posted by villain

I think you better not listen to these motherfuckers and blow yourself up. I don't know why arcel said ac comes out of a battery and dc comes out a wall when a battery generates pure dc electricity and machine produced electricity is alternating current. Anyways you better learn what you're doing first. You gotta make sure you got the right amount of power going in there using resistors and maybe even step up transformers and you gotta make sure you don't fry your wires or components with the juice you got running through it so you may want to throw some fuses in there. I don't know what the fuck your making so it's going to be impossible for me to help you and you really ought not fuck with what you don't understand so you don't fry yourself.


ive been known to touch the 3rd rail on accident here and there, but im still alive.....and clue2...i work in retail too...12oz is doing just fine for me...


ok how bout i put a female plug outlet on the end of two 10gauge wires...and those wires would go to a battery....the "tool" is then plugged into the female end..................????????????? ha.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro

The first thing you can do is take a butter knife and jam it into a wall socket. This "charges" the knife with about 8 hours worth of power, and you can then shove it into any opening in your device to power it. Presto, it's that simple. I can't believe everyone is making this out to be some crazy complex issue.

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