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brown twinkie


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Antique White

Buff Titanium

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber


French Ultramarine

Ivory Black

Mars Red

Mars Violet

Naples Yellow

Payne's Grey

Prussian Blue

Raw Sienna

Raw Umber

Titanium White

Yellow Ochre

Alizarin Crimson


Lemon Yellow Hue

Oxide of Chromium

Permanent Magenta

Permanent Mauve


Ultramarine Pink

Ultramarine Violet

Winsor Green


Cadmium Green

Cadmium Green Deep

Cadmium Lemon

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Red Deep

Cadmium Yellow Pale

Cobalt Blue

Manganese Blue Hue




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...nice twink...those are like pastel sticks right?...those are some crazy colors man...so whats up, whats the canvas, or steel?...can u use em like streaks?...i love the names, i bet that payne grey is pretty dope...ive got a liking to the color grey myself...Alizarin Crimson...sounds like fun...post what your little creative warped mind does with em otay....rOe



ps....heh,i finally got faust! still gotta get can....i was reading an article with thom yorke of radiohead and he was going on and on about these guys...so i said to my lazy self, get up off your ass and do what twink told ya to do a month ago...so i got a double album of faust, i guess its their first two albums on one disc...twinkie, that shit is so mind blowing...i love skecthing to it or just sit and listen to it...real heavy experimental, alot of adjusting to a new flavor ya know...we can talk more about it when it sinks in...but if you put it into faust a time context, that fact that someone in the early 70s was putting out industrial techno avant music blows my head....KABLOOM......thanks for the tip, i owe ya......r.

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i don't really favor oil bars...

-they take days to dry

-only good for stuff you have time for

-only good for large scale stuff

-too expensive

-can only use for artwork(canvass,wood....)

-but hey i have a few and i've used before

-i'm an idiot

-why am i still doing this?



....sorry about that

i actually think they're okay except for the price

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beardwonder, didn't know some of those except maybe the last bunch were discontinued*?*...

baronvonmunchowsen, dood, you've got too many restrictions on them, i use them on everything........ i'm gonna pick up a bunch today...

oilbars and water color.....

roe, right on bro...i'm glad you like them. i don't really listen to that stuff

anymore, but yea, they're wicked. i have alot of stuff that is from the early

to mid part of the century, really experimental stuff that would blow you away considering when it was made. i'll hook you up if you ever come around to it..

yea, i love the sound of colors.....last night i was chillin', doin' some stuff with my burnt umber bar, and i decided to peep out some other colors on the net, and these poppt up.....it made me wish that my local art store was open so i could go and browse.......

..sorry, i don't post my own stuff. never.



[This message has been edited by brown twinkie (edited 08-14-2001).]

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Guest beardo

haha.. sorry dude, jokes...i was just trying to be the hep graff discontinued merchandise trader guy.. i have no idea if any of that stuff is discontinued and i dont think i've ever held one of those oil bars in my grilled cheese slinging little hands before.

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