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"I Been Listening To Three Six Mafia All Day...I'm Pumped!"

Fox Mulder

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Has anyone noticed how fucking retarded groups like project pat, three six mafia and lil john and the east side boyz are? if you haven't, download the song riddin spinnas by three six mafia. i'm drunk and feeling that w. lady but this shit sounds dope when you're fucked up. it's still corny ass hell though.

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hip hop is fucking gay these days, the radio is so bad i play the fucking trance station instead of the gay ass hiphop stations=, but thats rare i never use radio cus RADIO SUCKS!!!!

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This for all my players out there ridin'... spinners

I don't care where you at, the club parking lot

The express way, whatever

What I want you to do right now is just STOP

And let em' keep spinnin' man


[Hook 2X]

I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners

They don't stop

I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners

They don't stop

I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners

They don't stop

I'm ridin' spinners, I'm ridin' spinners

I'm rolin'


[DJ Paul]

Pedal to the metal then STOP, [brakes]

Take another sip from the syrup then STOP [brakes]

Let my seat back, drop the top then STOP [brakes]

See me something sexy, spot that ass I gotta STOP [brakes]

My rims so shiny they clear like flat-screen plasma

Gals break when they see em' it's hard to breathe like they got asthma

Older people trippin' cause they think they seein' thangs

My car sittin' still but my rims still rolin' man, they off the chain


[Juicy J]

Everybody let ya spinwheels spin like a spinmill

Juicy J on certain pills, cruisin' down to Knoxville

See them thangs shinin' sparkin' like a diamond

Bumpin' the Alpi-ne, why you's a lyin'

Eyes like a Chinese, I'm drinkin' on the Heiny

I'm ridin' on the strip, any party you can find me

You rollin' with the finest, the North Memphis highness

You ball till ya fall, till a player aged ninety


[Hook 2X]


[Lil' Flip]

I got twenty inch spinners on my drop [brakes]

Nothin' but white and yellow rocks in my watch [brakes]

I'm doin' one-fifty so I'm watchin' for the cops [brakes]

Since I'm in the Lamborghini I ain't gon' stop [brakes]

I'm packin' a glock believe it or not I'm ready to bust

And down here we drink purple (And we drink that Tuss)

So grab a cup Juice so I can pour ir up

And if you represent yo hood, go on throw it up

It's the L-I-L F-L-I-P

If I ain't smokin' trees, I'm pokin' freaks

So throw the row of keys and let me roll

Cause this the way we ball, I'm just lettin' you know

We like our music slow but our cars go faster

I'm in the V-12 with my cousin Big Shasta

I'm Lil' Flipper and I'm a top ten seller

Everybody slowin' down cause my drop is yellow


[Hook 2X]


[Lord Infamous]

I saw my dog with the center circles so I [brakes]

They spinnin' like a saw so don't touch em' when I [brakes]

I saw a shanky broad that owe me money so I [brakes]

See me choke the hell up out my broad when I [brakes]

When ya stand by the blades you can feel a slight breeze

Stop by House of Dubs just to keep em' on clean

Fell up in the Peabody, the most expensive suite

Them thangs still spinnin' when I filled out the receipt


[Crunchy Black]

I used to be clean in my Expedition

A girl see me and she'll be wishin'

That I'd stop and spit some pimpin'

It's mackin' in me baby, I just thought I would mention

She got hot like in the kitchen

You see my kin folks, cars, and glisten

Ain't nothin' like Sprewells cause they spinnin'

It's CB baby I'm just in it to win it

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I'ma get my chief on

While she suck my ding dong

Eyes like a ching chong

Hard on like king kong



i like the way she shake dat jelly jelly jelly

where my b cups at? where my double d's at?



ridin spinnas, ridin spinnas they dont stop. ridin spinnas im ridin spinnas:eek:

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Originally posted by Mr. ABC

buy the new j-zone & brooklyn academy albums

I will second the notion on the Brooklyn Academy. However I was listening to Breakdown's "SickPeople" all day, and that got me pumped. I even looked in the mirror and flexed, shouting; you talking to me.

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Originally posted by Glik0

triple 6 rules you fucking twats.




Project Pat - That Drank...


sippin on some purple, imma call it durple.

leanin to the sizzide, cool like i'm durkle.

weed got me furkle, eyes tight like gurtle.

cruisin through the hood slow, somethin like a turtle.

strapped with the triggas, hangin hangin with my niggas.

everybody flossed out, cuz we stackin figgas.



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I can truly say that most of the new shit they play on the radios or make music videos of are trash...completely horrible,all they talk about is money,cars,gun,gettin fucked up and girls...not that any of that is bad..but its not very creative when every new rap song you hear now ends up with someone new trying to say they are a huge drug dealer...oh well...i can say ill listen to it while driving down the street acting stupid....but sometimes when you sit down and listen to it...its pointless....

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"i aint scared of non of u hoes i aint never shead a tear in ur hood bumb and ridin wif a 12 case of beer"

"how yall niggas gunna say that shit u been kissin on the lips that the dick just went slow down let me fuck u baby u can call me in a three some u and me and my ladys u can bring out the freak in me as i do in you"

man i could go on all day three six is the funnest shit ever there kings of the souf....rocks in my socks

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