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Holy Power Outages!


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10pm til 3am was open season. Saw cats out I havent seen in months. Just destroying shit. Thank god the cell phones still worked. Then the street lights came back at 3am and we all finished our shit, said good bye and went back home.

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black out nyc


ok what u do. did anyone go bombing. i went up to the train stations and walked the tracks and hit a clean train with throwies. i seen some stores looted. it was actually fun alot of cops but dead as fuck. and pretty annoying having no light and using flaish lights and shit. :D

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Guest Pilau Hands

i don't know, to the extreme anger of my loved-ones, i went about business as usual. i was on lexington, and just stayed in the park til like 8, then walked across the 59th st. bridge and got home


it was pretty interesting to see how boring nighttime was w/o electricity. i now see why people went to bed when the sun went down.


gg on getting the power up.

good lookin out

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I’ve never seen so many stars in the city. I definitely got my damage on but I didn’t capitalize enough, I suppose. It’s just so damn hot and humid that I got tired.


It’s weird. I ran into so many people on the streets and parks that I haven’t seen in eons. Nobody had anything to do except walk around at all hours of the night.

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hahaha, I just heard NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, trying to put a happy face on things, say that "[The NYPD] actually made less arrests last night than would on a normal summer night."


FUCKING DUH! The cops were ONLY swamped AND there weren't any fucking lights!

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People were cleared out of the trains shortly after the outage, ppl should have been painting the shit outta the trains/tunnels. I had to walk so fucking far out in brooklyn from the city, with my family from out of town. shit was fucked up, we walked for like 3 hours or some shit. Walking over the manhattan bridge with a thousand other people on the main road while everything was pitch black, and subway cars stopped on the tracks....it was a pretty cool experience.

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