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i hate but i love

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this thread is for self evaluation, what why you think your a complete asshole and why you give yourself madprops.. i will start


Iam a complete asshole because


-iam a lazy ass motherfucker who always leaves things to the last minute.


-i procrastinate like a mothefucker i will procrastinate doing something that i originally planned to do in order to procrastinate for the first thing i wanted to do (the trash needed to be taken out and i thought, i would check the k-mart catalogue first, then i stayed on the net and procrastinateddoing that)


- iam in my 20's and still write on things, have no respect and have no angel man on my shoulder telling what not to do only the devil


- i always rip people off


- i get jelous when others around me are succeeding, and therefore subconciously put them down.


But iam awesome cause


- i can make money no matter what, no matter what the siuation i always manage to do a business deal, scam to get cash (even if it means ripping people off) i havent been broke in a long long time.


-iam a nice generous guy


-iam hot to trot, and rock killer threads



thats about all, yes my asshole points exceed my awesome ones. sue me.

now everyone self evaluate yourself! now!

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hmmmmmmm overall im a good guy, but im hypocritical at times i guess. i say and do this and that and then i do the opposite sometimes. i dunno, love me hate me, i dont give a fuck. to tired to care anymore.


:beat: :spent: :lol:

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Im an asshole with a nice personality and good table manners.... Yeah fucking right Im just an asshole and people usually hate me until they get to know me and realize that Im really nice and pretty funny. Im mainly an ass cause I dont give a fuck about other people but I really care about my friends and family.

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Asshole because:

- I manage to destroy all and any valuable relationships I ever make

- Petty crimes and graffiti

- I make no effort whatsoever to get to know people and end up missing out on some great friendships.

- Lack respect for almost everything/one


Pseudo Bomb-Diggity because:

- I work for my money and make my own way through life - not a social leech like 90% of the people i know

- I (try to) take care of my girl

- Managed to keep a somewhat respectable level of education thus far - making money with my noggin without lifting a finger.

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i dont make an attempt to be friends with anyone. if they want my friendship they have to call me. otherwise, fuck them.


i tell people how i really feel about them.


i expect people to be nice and caring towards me when i couldn't give a shit about them.


i have slept with my friends girlfriend. well, they werent dating at the time.. but they were talking.


not too much of an asshole


i am really good at pretending i care about other people when i want to. this raises others self esteem.


i think about how much of a fucking piece of shit i am atleast once a day for sleeping with my friends girlfriend.


even when im right in fights i just let the other person win because i am too passive to care... this works good in relationships with women.

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No self confidence

Lazy as hell

No job

I dont put effort toward anything

Im a horrible listener

I treat my family like shit



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I'll come to your house and eat your food

I'll come to your house and drink your beer

If you get too drunk around me I'll hustle you outta all your money

When I'm goin for broke i will rob you

When i get drunk i like to talk about wierd shit that every one else is to embarrassed to talk about

I'll kick you while you're down

I'll take the joke too far every time

I'll smile at a girl and when she smiles back, tell her that she has an ugly smile





If you are a true friend i will do anything for you. Nuff said

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i blame the world when i fuck up

no game

lazy when not inspired

am not funny to some people


nice to everyone, pretty much, give everyone a chance

constantly try to stay on the right path, not be fooled by bullshit

creative and generally kick ass when inspired

am funny to some people

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I have absolutely no conscience. I will not hestiate a second or blink twice before I do something that others wouldn't even fathom doing.


I treat woment like objects.


I am an alcoholic and often ruin other people's nights and cannot remember anything.




I am the most friendly, easy going guy in my city. I am very popular.

I am the life of every party.


Although I said I have no conscience, I am loyal. If you are my friend I will stick through shit.


I have kick ass work ethic. I currently am working 3 different jobs, two of them full time.


that is all.

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- i don't value people as much as i should

- i don't show appreciation enough because of my pride

- sometimes i think i'm better than people, even though i have no reason to

- sometimes i'm stupid selfish and jealous



- work hard and accomplish things

- for someone i love i will do just about anything

- i'll be there if you need me

- done lotsa things, well rounded ?


ok i'm really stretching for the good. who knows, it's kinda funny when it comes to self evaluation it's almost always neg.

well i guess that's how you improve.

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Asshole because:

- I fight tooth and nail over the most petty disagreements

- If someone has an opinion different from mine, I get thrown into a rage and will argue with them until they dont feel like arguing anymore

- Im a pervert. Always trying to look up a girls skirt.

- I write on things that arent mine

- I always root for the bad guys (DC Sniper, Bin Laden, Hussein, Mcveigh, Harris and Klebold)

- Im lazy as fuck

- I have no manners



Awesome because:

- Ill go out of my way to help people

- I try to make people laugh, even if it means making fun of myself

- I am 20 but have never even been on a date, making me in like the top 2 percentile or something.

- I speak up for what I believe in, no matter what the consequence.

- I dont back out of my statements.

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