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boogie hands

every day is moving day in hell

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yes....instead of packing things up ive decided to take a break to bitch about packing things up....

1) i think collecting records has got to be one of the all time stupidest things i have ever done.....fuck a car full of 30 pound milk crates

2) i think moving onto the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator is probaly the second stupidest thing i have done

3) i FUCKING HATE packing doo dads, how do you catigorize them and pack them neatly...you dont, you just have a box full of random shit thats constantly shifting around


im sure once i go get the u haul trailor ill have a whole new set of things to bitch about but on the positive side most of my furniture is condesed into various 3 inch thick boxes (you wonder why im always singing the praises of ikea) and at least i dont have to move into a dorm....thats got the be the all time biggest pain in the ass ever, moving day with a hundred other people and no parking within 200 yards of your building...im sure a lot of you guys are in the same spot i am right now so go ahead kids....let it rip then GET BACK TO PACKING!!!




brick, brick ,brick...thats how i be up against your girlfriends ass...

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