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sweet sweet revenge

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So here's a little story that must be told...



do not mess with a contractor's girl!


So this buddy of mine is a real hard working man.

He's doing a full renovation on this house he bought with his

business partner. They do all types of construction from woodwork

to masonary stuff to plumbing and electric. You know the kind of guy.

They dont really put up with much shit. And you do not want to be on

the receiving end of their wrath.


He's just picked up his incredibly hot girlfriend at the bar she works at.

They're walking home and my guy hears a party going on. He was in

a Frat before (dont hold it against him) so he know the sound of drunken

party people acting all rowdy. They're walking along a pretty busy street

and the party is up on the first floor patio overlooking the street.

They keep walking but just as they get under it, a bucket of water

gets dumped on his girl. I swear he got mad like the hulk.



so what does he do?


He goes back to his house which is still under construction and grabs

a bunch of those half sized ziplock bags. He fills a few of them up with

a really dark wood stain, a few with half set epoxy, a few with ramdon

glue and putty.... and the last on with Chef-boyardee.

He grabs a hoodie and wraps all the shit up in a towel.


So he walks back down the street from the other side and the

kids are still partying. These kids are your typical skater punkass thugs.

He walks into the middle of the street with his hood up and a pair of

work pants on so they probably think he's a crazy homeless guy.

He lays out the bags and lets it rip.


Splat! Gush! Fwaaap! you get the point.


First he hucks the epoxy and it hits the rail and covers everything.

Then a double shout of that super dark wood stain douses the kids.

They turn to open the door and run inside but he hits the ChefBoyardee

right above the door. Splat motherfuckers! The kids now have

epoxy, brown looking shit and little bits of pasta and mini hotdogs

stuck to everything they're wearing. Time for some bags of drywall paste.

In all he tossed about 8 bags of really nasty shit.


He fucking bolts back around the corner into the work truck that his

girl has been sitting in ready for the get-a-way. They get home and

have crazy adrenalin-fuled bouncy-bouncy untill the sun comes up.



Do not mess with a working man's girl


thank you, and goodnight.

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so, kilo tells me not to piss in kids shoes, etc, but then he starts this thread...ok...made me laugh.


i knew this kid who had this girlfriend who's father would beat her, so one day kid rolls up to the house ofter his girl had been beaten and rings the doorbell, "who is it?" "domino's pizza" opening door to a sucker punch "i didn't order pi......." the a well place doc martin to the face.....you get the picture..

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pissing in a kids shoes is a little different.

getting sweet sweet revenge against fools

who mess wth your girl is perfectly cool in my book.


and wood stain is WAAAAYYYYY worse than paint.

It goes so deep into things that it will never come out.

I think turpentine might take it off your skin, but

nothing will get it out of clothes. Like gliko said 'anything porous'.


and having this...


stuck on your backpack shoes and wall cant be fun.

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Originally posted by Glik0

Skin, clothing, anything porous.


unexpected question: do you happen to know anything that will stain nonporous surfaces ?

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agreed. for some reason it seems that guys that work in the trades have super tempers. dunno why they do, but i have first hand experience with the fire

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the thing with this guy is he didn't loose his temper.

He went home and made a plan and absolutely nailed it.


trades guys are generally very protective of their women too.

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ok maybe not temper, but they don't take shit. maybe sitting in an office job does something to you.


i don't think that in that situation i would do what he did. would you?


i'm not going to comment on the protective thing.

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see I would have done something equally hot tempered

but I dont think I would have had the resources to really

pull it off like he did. I mean wood stain? That's serious!


maybe protective was the wrong word. possesive maybe?

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I think the wood stain would have been better delivered through a super soaker. it would increase the delivery and have better aim. granted you'd have to have several of them prefueled to deliver the same amount of revenge.

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