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Scribble Jam 2003 - The photo thread

Guest imported_Europe

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hella fools turned shit out this year... those christian cats came off propa too. met a lot of cats that were'nt on some "sweat me" shit as oppossed to years passed. Fuck the security for hatin on my man Poke for chiefin'

durring the emcee battle. the tsc wall was the hottest to me fuhsho.


"lucha libre!"http://www.bryerpatch.com/news/grandpa99/grandpa.jpg'>

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Registered: Mar 2003

Location: phila

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didnt any philly heads do shit.. cneezy whats the deal



answer: yes, ayem posted flix on PG with some philly kids.







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...please tell me more than 12 people painted...


there were like 20+ obviously look at the pics

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I just got back yesterday morning from Scribble and that shit was hoTT. The graf was a lil sub par compared to years past. The TSC & DC5 walls were sick. TA, XC, CF, Bashers, Fr8ophiles, FST, & HM had some dope shit to offer. I will my post 6+ rolls of film i shot as soon as i get it developed. I would like to give props to those i eith just met or re-met at scribble this year; Spel, Alert, Fez, Devi, SEOne, Penis, & Shore. Also MASSIVE shouts out to Mines & Kuma for doing some dope ass shit this year! Now as for you fuckbrain kids that "tagged" on the side wall that advertised the furniture business, Fuck you you disrespectful lil shits. Just because you got their too late to get your own wall space does not mean that you get to ruin others peoples shit by going and putting up your worthless names.

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so was that elk done? cuz dude me and him talked for a good while and i thought he said he was gunna put a forefield around it but who knows i will post some shit or something later when i gets my shit ready any one get any illegals?? i saw a interstaet done by like rebel and shit

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