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for a lack of a better name.... coincidences

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So here it is by popular demand



Originally posted by mr.yuck

I just dont think that my shenanigans deserve their own thread so i guess here looks like a good spot. I just woke up about an hour ago at 6 pm. Last night was probably the drunkest that i've ever been in a very long time. I managed to get kicked out of 4 bars last night before i found a cozy little spot that would put up with me and my boy. So as we got drunker and drunker my buddy started talkin shit to this girl about how she looked like a dude and then went about his business chillin with some border jumpers in the corner.


I went up to this girl and struck up a conversation with her. She sure was ugly and i noticed that she had the words DIRTY SOUTH tattooed on her fore arms. I asked her where she was from and this is where my story gets interesting. She told me that she just moved here from Nashville. Wow what a coincidence i just moved here from Nashville. It turns out that this girl used to live right down the street from me in Nashville. So I talk to her a little bit longer and find out that she lives right down the street from me here in VA. Now that is some crazy stuff. What are the chances of that? If she was cute i would have used all of that coincidence talk to sleep with her.



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please dont lecture me on my ethics young man. It'll get you nowhere. But back to the topic.

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i dont have time to launch into my own tonight so ill save taht for later.


for now, you get this:


i dont really know if you could concider this coincedence, but its a good story none the less. this girl i know's father used to be able to tell you exactly where the moon was without even looking. how did he know this? when ever the moon was in a certian spot each month, he would have ceasures(i have no idea how to spell that in addition to being extremly drunk.sue me.) each time leading up to it he would become more and more agitated, and over the years it became like clockwork. so his wife becomes pregnant adn the day his daughter(my friend) is due to be born, he is due to have one. low and behold, the day she was born, the same day he was due, nothing happened. the next month as well nothing happened. sonce the day she was born, he hasnt had one ceasure. tell me thats coincedence.

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