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anyone see this corny bitch on aim? that real life show about getting divorced...


she is some goofy white slut and her rapper name is SLIM J G, obviously a knock off of slim shady...


what a corny bitch.


and her husband is a crackhead and thats why they are getting divorced...


talking about she has invested a lot of money in her album and she is going to get a lot back in return... hahahahahahah :lol:

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yeah Tease, I saw it.


that shit is HILARIOUS. one of the funniest things ive ever seen.


she calls herself 'Slim JG' and has it tattooed on her lower back.

she has eminem posters all over her walls.

her album is called 'tha CHRONICles'

so you can see how original she is. note - i didnt add the capital letters for effect, she really capitalizes them herself.


oh fucking shit that was funny! she talks about how shes going to be a big rap star and her rhymes are absolute shit.


i cant describe how bad her rapping is. its all one syllable rhymes, and she takes like a 5 second break after every sentence. thats supposed to be her style. its so bad that its good, almost.

then they show her producers or what have you, and theyre like 'shes a record labels dream because she is white america', etc. yeah, ok.


thanks for bringing this up tease.


im off to look for more info or mp3s.

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:lol: for reals mapo!


thanks for the longer explanation of this shit... i didnt feel like typing it out but you covered everything i was going to say...


hahaha, i was cracking up myself...


she would like read a line of her "lyrics" and then "spit it" into the mic, then look back on her little sheet and repeat...


i couldnt stop laughing...



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I saw her. I laughed.


Her rhymes were .. not really rhymes. They made no sense whatsoever .. just pointless rants about how her husband stole her money to smoke crack.






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