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The Bridge Thread.

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I'd like to share my facsination of bridges.

This is the first railroad bridge to be built over the mississippi river:




The bridge was built i April 1856.


I will now continue to post some pictures of other nice bridges.





Brooklyn Bridge



Golden Gate



Tower bridge.


*edit=I'm dumb.

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Guest willy.wonka

isnt the london bridge in arizona?

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Does anyone know the title of a good book with loads of beautiful black and white pictures of bridges in? My girl is realy into bridges, and I thought that a book like this would make a good present.

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there does seem to lay a fascination with bridges in me. i traveled all the way to bilbao, spain just to see a bridge. i'm the dork that would build suspensions with toothpicks and forks. def weird.


santiago calatrava. a modern architect/ engineer. a few examples of his work:


alamillo bridge



bach de roda bridge



campo volantin footbridge



milwaukee art museum footbridge



crazy, huh? MORE <---


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Boston heads will know this one:




word on the street is that theres a skate park going in under this, and its going to be one of the largest ones in america.




londons millenium foot bridge. i walked over this bridge once a week on my way to the tate modern. i heard they couldnt open it in 2000 because it swayed so much, so they added on the extra suspention you see there to hold it in place.


good thread for sure

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The Humber Suspension Bridge, Hull England



The Humber Bridge, which was completed in 1981, held the record for the longest span in the world. It's record wasn't broken until 1998 when the Storebelt and the East Bridge, Denmark was completed. The Humber Bridge is truly a work of art, with a main span length of 4,624 ft. The Humber Bridge still holds the record for the longest single span suspension bridge in the world.

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