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does it really matter if its seen?

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I discriminate no markable surface. Sure, I respect places of business and shit where it's just tacky to hit it up, but I don't give a fuck if 1 person a year will see it or thousands may drive by every day. I love going to hit abandoned places and shit, finding stuff already there. Sewers, ditches, obscure places, I love it. You always find shit that's been sittin' on that wall for almost 30 years. Sometimes you come across a real dope spot and you can see some style evolutions going on in one wall, or see one writer go from shit to madness. It's a great feeling, like dude said, history of your city. When you see a piece somewhere like that, you feel a connection with the writer and every person who has ever been there after to see it. It's a good vibe.

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Originally posted by PAID:one+Oct 28 2004, 10:52 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (PAID:one - Oct 28 2004, 10:52 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-reXone@Oct 27 2004, 07:54 AM

depends if you wanna be famous on bombing or skill....



The trick......... is being known for BOTH! ;)




yeah, thats what its about....damn new cats are retarded

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Yo I don't think that piecing is boring........peace is my one love to me it is like dancing my loneyness fads away I am relaxed. Some times it is all most like a big show. showin off some skill when my boys are with me. I call it getting dusted.


If I am tryin to get my rocks off then I do one liner marker boms and throw ups gust hip hopin it. getin a quick fix you know. he he riku

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so um after being in milwaulkee for extended periods of time...i have found out a few things..



every photo that was put into the milwaulkee thread in brickslayers..was from the same three fuckin yards..no risk wot so ever..


i found some really nice spots that only get seen by homless people..


and in the end i ate two bratwursts on hard rolls while painting an amazingly well kept wall in the middle of downtown with no worries..

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in the uk you can go along pretty much any motorway and providing there is a railway your guarrented to see in a small tunnel in small remote village in the middle of nowhere pieces,throw ups,handstyle..anything and you think wtf is it doing there..but it dont matter graffiti is all about fun and you do if for yourself its an ego boost for you and if others see it and say "hey you wrote that?" it just makes it all the more worth doing it....or am i insane? :huh2:

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The sad part is that some of these new writers are getting seen, but their style sucks! They're just famous for getting ups but no style. I saw one good new throwie this year and he ranks #1 in my book, yet I've seen 25 ups from this guy (who'll remain unnamed) and all his shit sucks!!! So a note: PLEASE PRACTICE MORE IN THE BOOKS BEFORE YOU GO AND MAKE A STYLE DUNCE OUTTA YOURSELF!

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