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a penis for your thoughts....

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Originally posted by mr.yuck

Yo yo yo yo let me help kick this shit off. The shit that i am sick of these days is this candy ass club rap music. I hate me some chingy and all that other types of shit that has been goin on for the past 4 or so years. I remember when it didn't used to be like this. What happend to all the songs about 40's and hittin switches? Where did all the songs about bustin caps and sellin dope go? Where's the violence? Where are the good old fashioned rap wars? This candy coated bullshit about diamonds and platinum is making me sick. Every year there is a new cheer song about the biggest rims. I think it started with dubs and moved up to 22's now they got some shit about 24's. What is the deal with this shit? I heard one of these bling ass faggots talking about they make reallity music. Who's fuckin reallity? I'm out here hungry, i dont have a car to put 24's on. I catch the bus. I think it rides on 24's. I can't even afford to get my ears pierced to put cubic zirconias in. Who has 50 fuckin cars? That's not reallity. Any way fuck all this shit. I want to hear more music about scrapin up $5 to buy a sack, gin and juice, death around the corner. Where did all the music I could relate to go?


And thats my 2 cents:mad2:


Could not agree more. Ludacris, P.Daddy, Nelly, and a bunch of others lyric's are beyond horrible. Ludacris could not talk about more stupid ass shit. Tv's in his steering wheel, Playing Xbox on a hundred inch screen. And eating flinstone wings.I have no idea what the hell he's talking about. Nelly saying "is that your ass or your momma half

reindeer. What the F*** is that. How about Ginuine with that "Those Jeans" song. He even says the name of like 7 clothing lines that make jeans. I know the lyrics to everyone of those songs because I drive all day and all I can say is that is can't get any worse. Listen to Rehab. You'll dig it.

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um how bout im sick of people being different just to be different... first it was everyone was preppy, then it was everyone hating on preppies just to be psuedo-different, then it was everyone hating on people trying to be different (see: www.12ozprophet.com/forum).. for the sole purpose of being different. sure theres the original few people that actually gave a shit, but now everyone just says "yeah i agree" to people who have high social standing or whatever, and "no thats dumb" to people who dont. it wasnt the abercrombie and fitch, the punk rock look, or the pseudo-individual tight-pants-and-sweater-wearing, indy-rock-band-you-havent-heard-of-listening-to that was dumb... it was... well actually yeah it was, but not untill everyone started doing it.

it wasnt the "rap is tight ima have rims and be like so n so", it wasnt the "fuck commercial rap, underground is real," and it wasnt the "fuck you stupid backpacker dont hate it just because its popular go back to your suburban mommy and daddy and ask for more money" that was dumb... it was the people who said it when they didnt believe it.

people just do this in smaller groups and move onto the next opinion quickly so they cant be criticized for doing what everyone else does.

go ahead, lay some pointless recycled ad-hominum inter-nerd rhetoric on me, prove my point.


im not just saying that to be different, either, i listen to what someone says first and if i think theyre speaking from their heart and just doing whatever they do, thats fine. and if im not sure or suspicious, i give them the benefit of the doubt.

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Originally posted by Swiffer Jet

haha the picture i sent you got you into deep thought.


so you're telling me that's the reason why the ocean water tastes salty and that when our semen dries up, there will be salt deposits?


You're gay for even thinking about that.

Now that I remember it was you who sent me that picture. You had me and my friend raughing rawr ass roff.

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Originally posted by Glik0

There was a picture in some thread with a whale dong. And it said some shit like a male blue whale ejaculates roughly 400 gallons of sperm per orgasm but only 10% makes it to the female and thats 360 gallons spilling into the sea.


This made me think at 5am. Ok, so blue whales alone release 360 gallons of sperm into the ocean...there are an estimated 5-12,000 blue whales in the oceans. Lets say 7,500 are male. Thats 2.7 million gallons of blue whale sperm in the ocean. So lets say that there are 500,000 male whales in the ocean and on average lose 250 gallons of sperm into the ocean upon ejaculation. Thats another 125 million gallons of sperm. Now add that to the ocean's population of sharks, other large fish, and vast marine life. The worlds oceans contain something like 361,200,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water. Now if you add all the sperm being deposited into the water by male animals, that means roughly .05-1% of the oceans volume is animal semen. So conceivably with every mouthful of ocean water you've ever had in your mouth, you've possibly had thousands of animal sperm in your mouth.


This is one reason I do not swim in the ocean. Along with a large fear of sharks. This churning den of animal sperm is bad enough alone. But when you add the amount of fecal matter dropped by animals into the ocean along with what we as humans add to the brewing mixture of yuck. The ocean is a horrible horrible place.


too add onto that i read once that 5% of the oceans water is dinosaur piss.....just another reason you might want to stay out of the water, another note a kid i know did some expiriment in college were he had to take samples of the beaches (east coast mind you) and culture um or somthing...needless to say the shit was fuckin gross....i will never step in an ocean again after seein that shti :yuck:





i be thinking a lot like what if the people who are in my life right now werent, and the people who no longer are in my life were, how would things be different, would i be having more fun, less, shit like that, ive come to personal conclusion that everyone that is in your life or has been in your life was there for a purpose and once there purpose was accomplished they leave, to me this holds true to many levels, im not going to go into it but think about it :idea:

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