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On 8/3/2003 at 2:42 PM, misteraven said:

Don't have any info beyond a name, couple flix, and a location, but this place looks amazing.


Any of you Canadians fill us in on some details?




Toronto, Canada





I knew the founder for this spot. Was cool. Nowadays he's liquidating all his old stash

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2 hours ago, misteraven said:

Oh man, I forgot about this thread!


Will send a sweet package to anyone that can suggest shops worth carrying 12oz that in turn end up stocking our stuff once we reach out to them.


Trying to find quality top tier concept shops, boutiques, museum shops, etc that would be a good fit for 12ozProphet, especially the books.

haven shop in Canada for sure

dark initiative in san francisco

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I’m not home this week but I’ll drop a few I think fit the bill next week when I’m back on my desktop. It’s just a pain to make a nice post with a bunch of images and links on my old phone. 

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Deadstock is another one of those concept stores, this one leans a little heavier into the sneaker culture. They've had a few cool super limited drops throughout the years as well. This one isn't local so I cant speak on the actual location but their wares and general vibe seem pretty high end but with that touch of street culture. Its a pretty cool vendor with a good eye for unique and less mainstream stuff. They do carry books and arty knick knacks as well. Def could see 12oz being sold there.





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The Container Yard. 


Los Angeles


they just opened a Montana Store there at the compound. I think you’d dig that place. Not sure if they still haven’t but they had Fishy Farms. An aquaponic set up inside some shipping containers. The owner of the property is super cool. Saw me taking some flicks of the outside. Invited the GF and I inside and gave us a tour. 

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