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Official Battle Thread

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In.   Even though I’m retired I gotta keep my knives sharp...

Ahh the memories of this thread...

just decided to revisit the forum randomly today, and saw this. working on mine now

Posted Images

yo sorry the voting is late i been playing that rainbow six... :cool:












Keeping secrets













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New Battle Shiznits:



Throwie Battle:


word- "EQUATE"

due- Tuesday Night




Piece Battle:


word- "MODULE"

due- Thursday Night




and once again, for all the newcomers-


if you dont like those words or u dont feel like doing the """ main """ battles,

go ahead and pick another word or challenge someone to a 1 on 1 or whatever.


i watch the thread a lot so i will keep track of whats going on and post stuff up for voting.



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I'm pretty sure that story is fabricated.


A dog would have slobbered all over it and the paper wouldn't look like it was balled up then torn or ripped around the edges...And I think dog slobber would probably cause the ink to run a little...Maybe her dog had a dry mouth when he chewed the paper, I mean that could happen. :rolleyes:


That's what common sense told me anyway, want me to introduce yall some time? :lol:

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His letters were better than every one elses in my opinion....I like yours and Q's too...But your R was almost non-existent, I really had to look for it, plus I wasn't feeling your connections. The fill was dope and I like your handstyle but that's not what I was voting on....Q's was good but I didn't like his S, so he didn't get the vote.


Hope that clears things up for you.

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yea i freestyle all my sh*t. never fuck wit pencil even though i think my sh*t will be better with the help of a pencil. but my opinion i thought his letters were weak and the only thing that made it look good was the character but this is a graff battle not a drawing one. and plus i like creativity and kats that can come up with there own style not something already invented.(old school new york type sh*t). graff comes in different ways and its up to you to create ur own style..props to Q, keepin secrets and thanks for clearing my thoughts mouth of war! stay up!! creativity is our talent!!!

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maybe you should fuks wit a pencil if you want niggas to vote for you...i jus do it to do it...who cares who wins a internet battle...as if it affects my life..if it really means something to you jsut come harder no need to complain

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ahhhh..hes takin the "im better approach"...as if nobodys better than you are...loooks like you need some karaks to take place OF ALL your letters..cuz them shyts is all horrible...see you in the next batte homo....1

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