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Official Battle Thread


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This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
Current Battle Ish:


Easter Theme Battle due this coming Sunday.

Theme Battle:

word- "easter"

rules- must be easter themed (however you want to accomplish that is up to you... bunnies, colors, eggs, whatever)

full color is required and the more background, character, extra flourish type shit you add the better.


Just a reminder for everyone, this is due this sunday, at midnite chicago time.

if anyone else wants to get in on it, they should.

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Q666 wins the 1-on-1 'ensure' battle


(sweet, i finally won a battle! lol)



Battle Scoreboard Update 3/21/08



the way this is going to be is like tallys...

the " | " symbol means one win...

once u hit five wins in a category, it will be a " ^ " ...

once u hit ten wins in a category, it will be a " * " ...




CHARACTER BATTLES: (character pieces)

NewKoncept- ||||

Edoggg- |

Lando- |



THEMED BATTLES: (battles with a general idea behind them ; may include characters and/or letters)

NewKoncept- |||

Flavicon- |

Alreadydead- |

Seph- |


HANDSTYLE BATTLES: (handstyle pieces only)

Alreadydead- |

Ginger Bread Man- |

Seph- |


Mouth for War- |

wiser_tka- |


REGULAR SKETCH BATTLES: (any other general battles ; blockbusters, pieces, and whatnot)

NewKoncept- ^

Edoggg- ^

Baron Von Counterculture- ||||

Freightaholic- |||

The optick one- |||

Plezo1Son- ||

Sevnth- ||

Zulu- ||

LIMITone- ||

SurvivedAbortion- |

Sendhelp- |

Eightyfoursx- |

Alreadydead- |

Deptronik- |

Ye Old Erik- |

King Mile- |

Koar One- |

EastBay PirateHouse- |

Aerosoul- |

Fat Crispies- |

keeping secrets- |


achoe.am- |

Myth1ne- |

Ethreadzny2- |

Mr. Dedication777- |

Aerosoul- |

tr808- |


THROWIE BATTLES: (throw-ups only)

Edoggg- ||||

Marikoo- ||

Madmanmoses- |

Deptronik- |

Havok- |

Blart.BOS- |


Anothen- |

Voicemail Unibomber- |



Q*666- |


Current Points Leaders:

First Place: NewKoncept- *||

Second Place: Edoggg- *

Third Place: Baron Von Counterculture- ||||





Also, just a reminder to everyone...

Just because there are certain "official" battles going on at the time, does not mean you are

required to enter those specific battles in order to battle at all. It is perfectly okay to challenge

any random person to a battle, or to call a battle of your own if you dont like the particular word

that we are doing, or you would rather just do your own thing instead.


If you do this, please just follow the same format that we normally use. When you are done just go ahead

and post the images or also you can PM them to me, and I will put them up to vote on at

an appropriate time.


Doing this will allow more people to make a name for themselves on the scoreboards and will also

just make the thread more exciting to look at in general, as there would be more pics and whatnot.

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