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Canvas Thread

Harpo Marx

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Originally posted by Harpo Marx

Awesome stuff.


Astism, can you email me? I got a quick question.




I don't have your email brother

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this goes out to joker/whoever else it applies to...


the background

i'm 16, and i love art. my drawing skills have progressed tremendously in the past few years because of graffiti and my love for anything that looks cool. i started getting into canvases two years ago.. they were cheesy and not very appealing at first, but the more recently produced ones i'm rather fond of. anywho, i plan on going to a college to study art. only problem is


the problem

i've got no idea what to do; how to make it as an artist. sure, there's always burger king. but that's not fun. i recently saw ESPO do a lecture. he was talking about different people/companies like Reebok and Calvin Klein wanted him to do things for him. how do they know about him? is it simply a matter of organizing gallery shows and hoping the right people go there and like your work? i'm sure there's more to it. what kind of jobs are out there? where do i start? granted i'm no barry mcgee, i like what i do, other people do as well... i guess i'm asking how does an above mediocre budding artist not starve to death in an alley, and what should he study in college?


any help is much appreciated... i'm thinking about deferring for a year and then going to hopefully Pratt (it's the only school that sent me things and looks interesting, but expensive)

thank you

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wow that's a good question. i slept during most of marketing class but what i incorpated is that comapnies, seek for advertising companies, and maybe ESPO had a Company or what not and that's how the picked him up. major companies hire people to even search for the advertising companies. that's my input.

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work for sale


a lot of the time the work you put in is on a freelance basis and not as a full time payroll designer / artist. when you freelance your skills you need to think business first and draw up contracts for payment and hourly wage. some people want a price upfront. i dont know any sites that have copies of freelance contracts but i know they're out there, maybe the AIGA website. i got jerked before i took the contracts seriously. the people you are working for want to be your friend but you have to realize that its a business deal and not a friendship. if you know you can deliver what you want then you have to be confident to ask for what you deserve. good luck

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i havent done a new canvas in a bit now but here are a few older ones.

my first canvas ever. no plan, acrylics. '96


take two same deal. no plan, acrylics. '97


this one is a bit more evolved in the series. planned, underpainted, oils '99


i just started finishing another in the series will post when its ready.

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I think i saw that show in november. Or i saw a show in november. In portland. In the upstairs of a toy shop? It was very nice. I signed the guest book, :) Good work by both Joker and Giant.



I really liked the hugh KR letters downstairs they were very cool.

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Originally posted by WebsterUno


I like this one.

It reminds me of a style I use to do.

I posted a sketch of it on here a few

years ago..I dont know if anyone

remembers. It was on a napkin.

Its when I first logged on.

If I find it, ill post it..if not, Ill draw it again.

How big are those?


i would dig on seeing that image. i havent been on this site too too long so i missed that. as for my images. the first two were lagre and loose as the series has rolled on they are getting smaller and more planned. first is about 24x36 second is 36x40

the one you grabbed is 16x20. im guessing, but anymore will be about the same or smaller.

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Originally posted by ASTISM

ast + gage collabo on this blazer for ecko's fashion week shoot from 2 years ago...

i swear that i was gonna do this for my prom suit, i had no intention of taking it seriously so i was going to buy a 2nd hand suit and go nuts with pens and paint. but i went out and rented a suit and by soem weird occurence got prom king that night.

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Originally posted by Joker

Four of ten... for now.


shit joker you work leaves me speachless i like how this one has sort of the reflection of you taking the shot outdoors, it looks kinda cool since the reflection only shows up in the black areas, i dont know if you were going for this but i thought it looked cool with the outline of trees and a head on the black areas

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1) Youve got mail


2) I'm not sure exactly what he writes, but he uses lines in crazy ways, like, he uses a bunch of smaller lines to form the mass. It's hard to explain, but I think I remember seeing one or two sketches of yours in that style which was influenced (as you had stated) by him. Do you know if theres any canvas stuff of his? Or any flicks of his at all?

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