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Guest thedillz

Netster...I haven't gotten around to putting together a website. I have such little time to do my artwork that it'll probably be a while before I get to work on a site. You can see some of my work though on www.robotswillkill.com in the graffiti section under Jeff Blaiotta ( not exactly my graff name but it's not exactly graffiti either...lol).


You'll find most of the stuff on there that I've posted on this thread. The work is in no specific order. Some of the stuff is very old bust most is rather new. There is a pic in there though, that tends to confuse people. It is detail of a series of birthcontrol pills that I drew faces on (faces of famous men who have deviant pasts with women....sort of like a warning sign for women on the pill case.) Enjoy.

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Some things if done they are not in order but the never is the newest 

Two canvases done by RIFF 170.    Orange RIFF canvas from 2014    RIFF 170 characters on canvas from 1991

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channel zero is good for photography but regular ol art doesnt seem to fit in... i donno if this is a graffiti specific thread but i decided to post some random stuff.. ive looked at a few pages so far... some dope stuff... sorry if these dont fit in... i can post some random graffiti related artwork if people throw a fit or something...




the first few are from this year the other stuff is from when i was a jr and senior in highschool... im turning 25 so yea... i have more stuff too..






sketch for above..

















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Originally posted by deceipt

there is some nice work in this thread. i have just recently started fucking around with canvases using acrylics. needless to say i kinda suck, but maybe i just havent put enuff effort into one yet. any of you have any recomendations on other things to try using? or just keep practicing with acrylics? as of right now im just gonna keep at it with them, here is where i am at so far:


the jeans, shoes, and the train are the only thing that came out okay. anybody got any good pointers for me?


its good. just remeber for perspective stuff, more details in the foreground and less as it fades away. and visually, my eyes went straight to the piece on the wall. if you want that effect, good. but otherwise maybe add like half a tree in the left foreground, framing the picture a little. many renassaise painters used the triangle shape format (i dont know the specific name), for example, the monalisa, her arms are painted in a way so that you look from her arms and it leads you visually up to the face. divincci (sp) did this because the face is what he wanted you to look at most. ok maybe that way too much. show us when its finished



edit--the train track looks like its bending a bit and make sure the building leads you too the vanishing point as well

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wow! its nice to see sumbody that actually criticizes instead of disses. that is very good advice, thank you. ya, i already had edited the train-tracks but still they look bent. i kinda gave up on the wall. but i might just owrk on it sum more tommorrow. and ya, as for the rocks, you are totally right, it oughta be more complex in front than in back. but hey, im learning with acrylics, so for the most part, im really not that upset with that painting. however i still think it sucks

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