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Harpo Marx

Canvas Thread

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Originally posted by Break5/6

Ok, yeah.. thanks Tony for the positive feedback, and the advice. I just started in this growing field, and have not had the "proper" training in this art. I am willing to be taught, or simply to be steered in the right direction, I know those weren't my best but I've only been doing this for like..what, less than a couple months at the least. Thank though Bro, Peace and respect.


that's wierd

wanting to convert from artist to.... "graffiti" artist.... on canvas....

that's wierd.. i don't know man, you don't have any letters on that thing, it looks kind of cool, so maybe you just want to try to use spraypaint as another medium? i was thinking first "man, this guy would love new york in the 1980s" but i'm confused. do you want to start writing graffiti? or just get like, you know, the comedy central commercial kind of thing going on?

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Originally posted by inkblots

hey iglue, i like that but you shoulda filled in the girls face with a colour like a fill... and maybe a outline would look fresh but do you


Huh? I would have to disagree. It's not a piece. It's a soft character of a girl. The subtleness of the black on the blue is perfect and speaks volumes. Adding a fill to the face and and outline to the black would make it... well, toy. Left alone to be as it is makes it a winner.


My opinion, so don't get your panties all bunched up.

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Most of you rock, thanks for the inspiration. And I hope yahll are using your talents and not just sitting on em.... they are too good to just be placed on your walls! Go make some cash kids!



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Re: High Quality Photo


Originally posted by IGLUE SCL

Just had an old board that i'd done a blended background on... thought it needed something else.





one of my favs!

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haha, I'm blushing.


Joker - Very true, I totally understand what you mean. It's kinda a sad piece, so I left her face blue. Filled and outlined = shit


DEE38 - Thanks buddy

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