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I need some help with buying canvas's and supplies and all that.


Tryin to get someone a canvas or canvases and paint and bruches or paint markers or whatever and not sure where I should get them, what's good, what's bad... what the prices are and all that. So if anyone could help my out I'd appreciate it. Just never done anythin with canvases so not actually sure where to look or what to look for or the range of prices and everythin. So help needed... and appreciated.

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Originally posted by neVR.KAwt

word, i c where ur comin from..! thas fuken really great help for the peopo with watever u said they have.. i jus hope everyone else understands wat ur doin, lyke me..!






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Originally posted by poes

that last ryke is fat



but the colours behind it are too distracting!


but dope


I gotta mix It up sometimes. Just slap down whatever I'm feeling...:)

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some canvases from Bryer NFM...









the last two are up for sale or trade for some supplies. whichever is more convenient... food doesn't come cheap these days.

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yea... umm... that guy... umm bryer... yea... i think im gonna have to comphiscate those canvases/board when i get back to h-town... yea... if i could just have those... that would be greaaaaat.


i'll see you in the summer maybe... still goin on tour?

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Those Bryer canvasses are fresh, throw some digits out so everyone knows the ballpark business you're looking at.

I'm interested but have no idea what everyone else is 'bidding'




ps-Hecz, you should add this guy to the 'HECZ Collection'.

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