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Canvas Thread

Harpo Marx

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  • 2 weeks later...

Great Thread..


I thought I'd post these up that I did some time back,





I begun this before hearing the tragic news about Kase2.

I might rework/make a new painting as a tribute to him.


and I painted this as a tribute to IZ, still not sure if its 100percent completed tbh..




This painting is meant to be a raid by the V.S, I used the trap panel from subway art because I love that straight letter style/car, and it works with the story of the image, where Poilce Esp BTP in this country will watch usually inside a train, while a piece is being done then chase and try to trap you in an ambush when the piece is nearly done..




I've got to get a proper camera and learn to take photographs I think..


as I'm here, not strictly not canvas, but I might make a painting from this sketch, or pose at least.




I've begun some more work thats in respect to the original kings on the nyc subway, like futura, who painted the first piece in the UK, back in 81, in Ladbroke grove, London while on tour with the Clash...

( I'll add the picture for interest, given to me by Scam of the the mad ethnics crew)



futura 1981



.....and some that are dedicated to the first generation British tube/subway writers in the 80s...

I hope to work it into a series of paintings etc.




nice one..


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