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Some things if done they are not in order but the never is the newest 

Two canvases done by RIFF 170.    Orange RIFF canvas from 2014    RIFF 170 characters on canvas from 1991

Posted Images

You do realize your fellow graffiti idols TWIST and AMAZE from sf are surfers, Its not that uncommon coming from a city on the beach.

acrylic and spraypaint on wood.


Kudos to you outright for even knowing that. Surfing and graff compliment each other much like skateboarding and graff. What else is there to do during flat spells when you're traveling?

Also, most of these landlocked hillbillys don't realise that San Francisco has a flourishing surf scene. Despite the cold water and sharks, we on it. Love our spots.


I had a couple of questions regarding those boards you painted. Sent you a PM dude.



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I would suggest gesso and sanding for a few coats. I don't really like graff on canvas but that ethan is good.


is there a specific type of gesso you would reccomend to prime with? i have always hated the rigid texture of canvas's, but the gesso i use doesnt seem like it would be thick enough to layer on, then sand for a smooth texture...

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weasel - it will probably take quite a few coats to get it REALLY smooth, but if you like painting on a smooth surface you can try painting on panels or illustration board or something. Otherwise, gesso in layers, letting each dry between coats. i like to alternate directions of the strokes every-other coat. might have to wait quite a few coats before you lightly sand if you are gessoing canvas.

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sayWORD -


The average water temp is just about the same in Northern California as it is anywhere North of here on up to BC.

It'll drop down to the mid to high 40's during Spring and bump up to like 56 degrees during the winter time. 58-60 very rarely.

It's all hypothermia and ice-cream headaches regardless.

Considering it's long/latitude Nor Cal actually has some of the coldest water in the world due to the Humboldt Current and massive upwelling.

British Columbia actually has a warmer water temp range sometimes pushing mid sixties +.


I know from experience. That being said, last time I was up in Canadia (Tofino area) I was rocking the same 4/3 thickness wetsuit that I would rock in Santa Cruz or SF.


You're obviously not a water person, but there's a little Oceanography 101. Now you can say you learned something today dipshit!


Back to your original programming--




Catch my PM!

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