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Some things if done they are not in order but the never is the newest 

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hey armand hammer you are on every thread. You are 17, go outside and get some friends.


im sitting in a mates house in cornwall..the fuck am i going outside to walk back up all these hills i wasnt starting some bullshit internet beef ,seems like you just love thinking your an asshole get out of here or post some work or maby stop being a dick head.


and decy thats fucking nice man looks nice and clean do some more .now.

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nop but if you gonna do some blue/green female face with some design-ish type doodads around it, you gonna draw obvious comparisons to some mac/retna shit... and mac/retna are doing it way better.


they definitely are, they are also two separate and accomplished artists. I'm at the beginning still going to school and working on my foundation. The way I look at it is people are either very good at rendering faces(or anything with form for that matter), or at painting abstractly, so I'm just gonna work on both and see what I can do with it. Criticism is healthy so I'm not too worried about it.






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yea i agree his legs seem a little small compairson. but i like it.



and peanut butter and i like those colors kinda reminds me of roids



word. yea that was the last addition to it cuz i felt it needed something people can relate to. Well, artists atleast. I titled it "torment of manifest" artists carrying the weight of their creations around. idk, shit makes sense in my head. Next one will prob be in color n more stacked layers oppose to just 2.

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and peanut butter and i like those colors kinda reminds me of roids




Its a touchy subject for me when it comes to Roids' style, he's got international status and a unique style, but he certainly did not invent it... nor does he really "own" it


Anyways, the painting I just posted is just a natural progression of my style, here's a flick of a digital piece i made back in 2004-2005:



As you can see I was rocking roids-like elements in the before-times,


Here's the first large-scale galaxy space type of thing I did, in 2006:



Now, if you take those two pieces, and add in a little bit of this more recent stuff:



You'll end up with that behemoth I posted earlier :D

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I dig it all man, and i know what you mean about the styles. Right when you see someone get some fame with elements of style that is similiar to your own all you think is great ppl are gonna hate on that. no one came up with any style and they're not the only ones doing it either. thanks peanut

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Ya no doubt, and the only important thing to be concerned about when it comes to style is just doing whatever comes naturally and going hard with it. It's like that age old saying, if you travel far and long enough you'll eventually meet yourself - same goes for style and art and shit. Its all fair game unless you're biting! hahaha


Anyways thanks for the friendly words yous guys

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