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Canvas Thread

Harpo Marx

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wes, i went to her website and asked for that to be custom painted. I've wanted a silo painting since back in the day, i used to watch her and The Mac paint behind this old pawn shop here in phoenix at a chill spot. ever since then ive wanted one. now, i got one, haha.

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thats a wall^^^


gold star for observation. now can you tell me what sound a cow makes? goooood

pretty soon we'll have a conference with your foster parents and maybe we can put you in a regular classroom next year. now drink your juice box and eat your tuna fish.

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Although I'm sure anything could be considered "canvas" to us writers, I am sure this thread was called "Canvas Thread" for a reason. "thats a wall^^^" is short for "There's a section for walls, it's called Brick Slayers" I'm sure there is also a specific section for "the inside of houses" too, Hell even Isreal has its own thread.

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im not about to post pics of a legal wall in that forum, because i wouldn't want to see any legal walls in that forum, be it its a wall and 90% of that piece was done with cans, what constitutes a canvas? actual canvas material laid out on a wooden frame? that would mean about half the pics posted in this forum wouldn't be considered art on canvas. under these circumstances i posted this picture for people to view, not state the obvious. "that's a wall"

is about the most ignorant response i could have imagined. of course its a wall, theres also paint on it and i painted it. boom ...canvas. enjoy and instead of starting a needless debate on semantics, lets all just put some music on and go to work.

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hahahaa med that was hilarious, i mean your such a smart guy and obviously have some pent up anger to kids with lunch boxes, did you get touched as a little kid? being that it is a wall genius, it does go in brick slayers, where everyone else puts there walls be it legal or not, and since it is the "canvas thread" i assume you would be smart enough to post an actual canvas, i know you type words that are past your grade level so im thinkin you can read as well.


thanks for your time.

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