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they all do some sort of canvas stuff, with a wide array of prices. if you contact any of them, im sure you could probably get something. check the transcend thread in brickslayers for some pics of new stuff.

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Some things if done they are not in order but the never is the newest 

Two canvases done by RIFF 170.    Orange RIFF canvas from 2014    RIFF 170 characters on canvas from 1991

Posted Images

Off note* Im going to have to agree with Seeking And Joker in response to Verbal Kint. I dont really see anything wrong with you selling you're art, if some one is going to pick it up and pay you for what it is that you do - thats great. The only complaint i had was that i saw a handfull of pieces that looked like they belonged to other people, Kel,Some etc, that had been photoshopped and printed to look like a mixed media project/piece- whatever.


Im not sure if you were selling those or if they were maybe one off's, something you tried and stopped..but yea, thumbs down for those.

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hey verbal kunt,,str8 up that shit u doin, printing flix of OTHER PEOPLES work on your canvases is a str8 VIOLATION and could AND SHOULD result in you getting your fuckin face kicked in ..hope u dont run into any of the artists who u bootlegged on them pieces,,and those are the only ones out of all the crap u posted that looked decent, but thats because u chose quality graffitti to steal and try to profit off,,u a str8 up duck ass and should be beat,,and i never heard of you in anytype of writing tip, you aint a writer ,,and trust me i get around sucker,,u fuckin culture vulture,,,,,,,

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Originally posted by GrimeyLife1@Jan 25 2005, 01:49 PM

Seeking-was any of that u posted your work?


verbal knit-give it up kid,your making yourself look stupid


ryke-nice work,keep em comin


none of that was seekings. he posted it to shoot down mr verbal kint's rediculous point about all of us transcend guys being minimalistand calling it "so 99" .


the first three were mine. ZEALOT., then KEMA, then starting with the snow boards and ending with the IHU abstract blue piece is JOKER. then a few PERSUE pieces, then some OUIJA.

and all in all, i'd say that its a pretty diverse grouping of styles. everything there has form and theory behind it. so i wouldnt go so far as to lump us all into some "abstrct minimalism hasbens" type of thing. everyone in the crew is good at what they do. and they work their asses off at it. while on the other hand even those basic pencil sketches of verbals need some basic drawing classes and everything else screams of laziness. and you shouldnt really go asking for feedback if you're going to get all butt-hurt about it.

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Originally posted by ace@Jan 24 2005, 12:04 AM

yo, there is some crazy stuff in here, i really like it...btu i have a question, what do you all use to do these graffiti pieces on the canvases, paint markers?


I can ony answer for myself, I use either acrylics or spray paint for backgrounds then acrylics and brush for the first colors in my letters and my fades and then I use thin Uni paint markers and gel pens for little details and the final outline.... just how I role. Everyone else feel free to tell him your techniques. I wish I had an air brush to do my shines with, but I don't.

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iight yall last night i was in an ally way when i saw and over flowing dumpster from express (the chick store) and i seen these thick plastic peice that are used for shirts and there was about 100 of them so i took them all and threw um in my car and what im doing is though out this month and next month im painting them up like canvas's and placing them all over in areas wheres theres alot of people.... i didnt put very much effort into them because well there not for me and anyone i care about post um in the new sticker thread so yea



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dammit, who has those Joker nordstrom jural flix? i haven't seen those in ages and they were, in my humble opinion, prime examples of his work as an artist. i thought for sure seeking would have them somewhere....maybe joker will see this and post them..if he ever comes back in this thread.

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Originally posted by seeking@Jan 26 2005, 01:15 AM

those things are plastic right?

drill two holes in them down the middle, get some nuts and bolts and bolt them to stree signs.


and express has guys stuff too. i just got a slick ass belt from there.



holy shit dude i didnt even think about that... ill paint them up PROPER now.... MUCH props for the idea :love2:

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Originally posted by Yellow Feets@Jan 23 2005, 08:04 PM

Yeah, no doubt coffiecrave. And yes, those Rykes are fresh as well.


If Transcend did canvases, I'd buy them. The only thing I see from anyone from Transcend is the $250 canvas (or prints) that Joker did for Fourthehardway. Seeking, know any links? I only know of jincoes.com and I don't think that site sells any work.





Transcend just had a joint show with Bloodclots. I think it's still up, at EvosArts in Lowell, MA. Artwork is for sale. Here's a couple pictures of my wallspace and a couple canvases. I apologize for the crap quality. Lighting was terrible. I also compressed the hell out of the canvas flicks. If anyone would like better shots, I can put them up when I get the pieces back from the gallery.





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Those two canvases in the previous post are done with paint markers and acrylic paint, on a spray background. Pretty much standard issue. The first says "Hell Yeah" and the second "Yeah Bro". i have a small series of graffiti style work that say stupid phrases. I also have a "Stupid Fresh", "Holler Back", "Holy Crap" and "Word Up".


Here's a couple more that I'd call more traditional art. These are done with scrap cans of paint that I took home from fame spots, any can that the mixing ball still rattles in. It's interesting, because sometimes the can is so rusted that I have no idea what color paint is inside. I like them because it's someone's discarded trash and making something out of it. You'd also be surprised at how many kids throw away cans with a lot of paint left in them.



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sick sick sick There all so coolsick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick :burn: :burn:

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Originally posted by HAL@ Jan 26 2005, 02:04 PM

i have a small series of graffiti style work that say stupid phrases. I also have a "Stupid Fresh", "Holler Back", "Holy Crap" and "Word Up".

Dude... why?


Heh, but hopefully I'll go today to take pictures of shit. I don't have money on me now but I'll get pictures of what I missed at that show. And hopefully shit won't be sold out until this thursday or next thursday. Payday...




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Originally posted by ENO ELPMIS@Jan 25 2005, 07:52 AM

FUCK alot of this shit



Care to elaborate?



As for other stuff...


Irony, yea, it is kinda funny.


No, I'm not going to post any images from the mural I did for Nordstrom. Not the printed nor the hand painted versions. I'd be fucking amazed if I ever posted another image in here again.


If you are reading this with interest... posting images and asking for criticism is an open invitation to be shot down or at best given solid advice. If you can't handle being told your work is horrible, and lash back instead of chalking it up to opinion, then maybe you shouldn't post your work. There's a one in a few thousands of a chance that you will get constructive criticism on this board. In the slim chance that you do, take it for granted. If you get told time and time again that your work is not up to par... move on my friends. Get back to work and progress. If you felt you've been critiqued poorly, maybe you should look at your work deeper. Especially if the criticism is coming from more than one person. This is at no one directly but more to all of you. I chose some time ago to no longer post images of my canvas work in here for good reason. It has nothing to do with getting bad criticques... hell, my wife tells me when something looks unfinished or boring... redundant even. Verbal Kint's critique of my work (along with the entire group of Transcend, oddly enough) is solid reason why I refuse to continue to share. Not that you will be missing anything of great heights or amazing progress. If you're interested in my work, you'll find it. Just not on ebay...

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