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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

freestyle, off the top of the dome...

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Guest Dusty Lipschitz

jumpin jahosafat

and something that goes with that

im more funky then 4 year old yoga mat

i got more bounce then a 64 ounce

homestyle tropicana

poppa santa

father christmas is just propaganda...


-paul from saskatchewan

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

aaaaoowwww sheit, ayo.... ayo ayo ayo..... check it.... <someone busts a freestyle below me> they wanna be cool but they don't know me, I'm like gettin with stupid bitches like Kobe, shootin cupid and bustin popgun with a sobe, did I just say that, my bad I don't want no beef... ayo ayooooooo.......

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i need a jobola

wish i had a chrome pistola

id rob you fuckers blind

after creeping up from behind

if you was God

you woulda never seen it comin'

better give up on runnin'

cuz youre already fucked

like a jammed door

your ass is just stuck

empty out your pockets

and hand over your shit

jack off in your mouth so that you can spit

rhymes like mine leave niggas sick

got my own condom brand on my dick

fuck the haters and critics to

ill beat your ass til youre black and blue

leave ya in a casket in your best gear

have your momma saying what a stupid fuckin' queer

what was he thinkin' going against the best?

its like ibtease gots SUPER MAN across his chest

im not to be fucked with i thought i told ya

thought i was playing so then i had to show ya

now your eyes shut and people is missin'

got you re-evaluating your choices

and regretting your final decision

crushed my competition

complete is my mission...

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Guest 455

Here you go......White Trash Style,Bus Plaza Style....donating plazma style....


There is no rest for the wicked I kick it and spit it relentless

since The Grouch said "Rap is senseless" and meant it

dememted minds combine lines time finds a way to produce rhymes

of a different origin

I was born again with a platinum pen

shining like illumination with ill communication

murder mc's on wax like Jason

Vorhees look closely you can blood pouring from the vinyl

libal to the illest recitals

soon to be my rival Billy's Idol

worship rap religon without the bible

"don't you know baby,that things go in cycles"

The Fruits of Nature

UMC'S need to stop with the Jive Talk

and get One To Grow On

perhaps a track to flow on and so on

but not this

too many wack rap cats throw punchlines into the mist

hoping for a direct hit but miss

and end up being added to Saafirs' Hit List

bare witness one L to Dusty Lipshitz...fuck it.


I don't want to type anymore-don't like "Key-styleing"

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lauren: YOUR MY VAG

me: WHAT




me: ()xxxxx[=========> swords

me: swords are marvelous

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I freestyle this rhyme one line at a time

This shit dont'use baskspace 99 percent of the time

Shit I make spealling mistakes, is that a crim?e

I cantéven go back to correct shitm, my typing is prime

Im drunk like a skunck, i j just a bout fucked up some punk,

i m not even gonna talk about keep ing this shit krunk

as this shit flows straight off the tip of my dome

my freestyles get waker, all you fuskcs wanna go home

this is prime freetstyle, with spelling mistakeas and all

i cant type straight cuz my dick is to wsmall

i could go and ban g up my head on a wall

but the promblem is this fucking wall is too tall

dont hate on me cuz im a hobo drunkard

fuck just realised nothing rhymes thwith drunkard

but ill still raid your cupbaord , man if i had a crowbar

id be raiding fthe fucking neighrbourhood, this shit would go far

so far, ive typed many a line miwith mystakes,

so sue me, hang my fuckingass at the stake,

ok so maybe i mc better when im sorber,

as far as i can thcan see thes e rhmes are going futher

than any other pserons , cuz i flow freely when drinking beer

incinting fear, my lyrics keep tyour airway s clear,

if i m incoherant, fuck that, its cuz my fingers feel all fuzzy

oh well, i tried,. hey will you be my buddy?



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I'll proably typoes somthign slightly better when my head sptoes fuckign spinngin... i cant find the fuking baskckspace key, this fucking sucks


aboutto passout on the fuckingflooronerspikeskirock

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You're 2% fat tracks'll get cream and curdled

I use jumping gymnastics hip-hoppin the hurdles

While your jaws are like turltles running round in a circle

Till you're blue in the face plus your pupils are purple

9 out of 10 men bend all out of shape

when they learn that underage bitch they fucked last week was late

I've got to get my head straight and look into the future

Say "FUCK makin beats" and burn down my computer

FUCK beating the clock cuz I got mad time to kill

So i'll spend every second trying to make it stand still

When the panic attacks, and your stressed out from bills

Head straight for the hills thats right passed the landfills

While I can't comprehend this trendy transportation

Take a telepathic trip to reach righteous revelations

But the rhymes and regulations don't supply a demonstration

to obtain a piece of mind and find my soul a reservation

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