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A Short Roadtrip to Chicago

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The whole scenerio starts out with me and my brother discovering that the mars volta is touring but isn't coming to mn. We decide that a road trip down to chicago to see them is much needed, so we purchase the $12 along with one of his friends, charlie. A couple weeks before the date of the show, we discover that one of their friends who lives in chicago has an apartment there and her room mates are out of town. Fucking sweet, no paying for hotels now.


Day of the concert arrives, we hit the road at about 8ish, and pickup my brothers friend and start our drive. The playist for the way down was: Minus the Bear, Mooney Suzuki, The Mars Volta. At The Drive In, Tool, and something else, escapes me right now. So needless to say, driving through wisconsin fucking sucks ass, and the most interesting thing i saw all day was clouds, so i took a couple pictures of those to amuse myself.





After driving through wisconsin for far too long without seeing anything worthwhile, we take a stop at some mall in Madison to get some food and the first thing i spot is these busses that say Lamers on the side. Being amazingly easily amused, i laugh and take two pictures




We grab some food and hit the road again. Once we get into Illinois we hit this huge traffic slowdown that signs report is from construction. This construction was in fact just a load of bullshit. For the 25 miles that the road was closed down to one lane, there was nothing happening in the other lane, and it was completely done, blacktop dried, lines painted, everything except for the cones hadn't been picked up. Fucking great.


After a bit more driving, we make it into chicago, park our car and throw our shit into the apartment.




more in a minute

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

We hop onto the train to head down to where the show is, and after a bit of a mix up on switching lines, we get to the venue at about 630ish, and head into the closest mcdonalds so charlie can throw his camera into his pants to get it into the place. We get inside the venue at around 7, and the first band has already started. They weren't bad, i didn't really like the singer, but their guitarists were pretty good on the few songs i saw. They were called the rye coalition i think. Saul Williams is up next, and does a lot of spoken word, poems and talks with the crowd a bit. Kind of out of place, but i enjoyed him as well. TMV hits the stage after setting up, and plays their 60 minute cd all the way through, but turn it into about a 2 hour set with added solos and parts of songs. Omar and Cedrics stage antics are funny as hell to watch, and they sounded great live. The stupid jock that ended up standing next to me and headbanging and just freaking out made me want to punch people, and so did all these kids attempting to sing along just as high as cedric sings, but i ignored it as best as i could and enjoyed the show quite a bit.

pictures curtesy of charlie:










After the show, we wandered around for a bit and grabbed some food then headed back to the apartment and then crashed a bit later. Day two coming up in a minute or two.

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Day two:


We get up around 10ish, surprisingly early, and all get showered and shit and head into chicago to wander for a bit. We just chill out on michigan ave and look at some stores and the terra art museum. Nothing to spectacular about that section of the day. We head back to the apartment and go out and grab some food with the girl we're staying with. We then wander around more aimlessly and end up back at the apartment around 9ish. Head out shortly after that, and fun ensues with digital camera.





After my fun with breakdancing in the middle of the street and infront of random people ends(possibly video tomorrow once i get it hosted), we headed to a local coffee shop and grabbed a malt. After that we headed back to the apartment for some casual drinking and watching of usual suspects, but not before i made these sweet faces:




The amazing part is each and every picture in here was taken sober....after watching usual suspects, we all crash again and plan to get up reletively early to head back to mn, since the girl we were staying with was leaving the next day too. Next morning we get up at about 10ish, shower, pack up and get out of there for the same boring car drive through wisconsin, at least this time there was no construction.

Playlist for ride home: Hot Hot Heat, Snoop Dogg, Tora Tora Torrance, Underground, Blood Brothers, Radiohead, Jega, and some other comletely random shit.


We arrived back home and then i went back to my everyday shit, and as usual, came on here at night to post about it. Thats all she wrote. Enjoy.

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Originally posted by MrChupacabra



will you be my best friend?:lol:




























no, seriously.:twitch:

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