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Kannum Playt

If Only The World Were Colorblind.

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Aiight people, this topic is my little moment to vent some shit that's probably on everyone's chest and has probably been said before.

One question I will never give a straight answer to for the rest of my life is, "What is your ethnicity?" All I will say is,"Whatever makes you most comfortable." What exactly does knowing somebody's ethnicity tell you about the person? You might as well be asking,"What prejudice stereotypes would you prefer me to assume about you?"

In turn I know that it is wrong to assume that the person asking me the question is going to see a stereotype when I tell him/her my ethnic background. From experience and even in my own guilt, assuming that you're gonna get stereotyped is a safer assumption. It's kinda like defensive driving. It's safer to assume that other drivers are gonna crash into you.

One person told me that you can learn a lot about somebody by their ethnicity. Things such as their religion, what language they speak and all sorts of things from their culture. So I told him I was Vietnamese. He told me all kinds of things about the people of Vietnam and that I probably do all this Vietnamese stuff. Then I told him I was 3rd generation Oregonian, only speak English, go to a Protestant church and eat spaghetti. Doesn't seem very Vietnamese eh?

I'm not saying you're a bad person for asking the 'What are you' question, cuz not all stereotypes are half bad. I mean, black dudes got big cocks right? Most of the time you don't even consciously catch yourself making the stereotype. But to be able to look at somebody and not acknowledge the fact this person is black, white, asian or hispanic is a beautiful thing.

If only the world were colorblind.




I need a strong dose of caffeine and a dancing midget.

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