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How much you willing to pay to floss?

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Originally posted by slightly






savier is making some baller shit, they also have LE velvet jumpsuits...yeah word.



raven, I am going to be making more shirts, they will be done professionally, could i talk to you about the design and such?, i am interested in what you think. Ill shoot you an email when the artwork is ready.

Savier is owned by nike. As for those Bathing Ape t-shirts, I could have 200 bootlegs of that within 5 hours if I put my mind to silk screening that shit. Anything more than $60 for skate/baketball shoes is ridiculous.


My outfit:


Local record store t-shirt- free

Levi's 501's that i've been wearing for a year straight- $34.95

Jockey shorts- $6

Watch from german train station- $11

Wallet- $10 (still heavy from all the cash i saved by not flossin')




Birkenstock Sandals: $50

Vans Skate shoes- $25-60

Doc Martens 8 eyes (not steeltoe)- $80

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savier is not owned by nike, many people have misunderstandings of this. they merely have access to materials/technology. There are like, fifteen people that work for savier. seriously.

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aight.. well sorry im not around enough or i'd have dropped the knowledge a while ago.


i am seriously into this shit... maybe not this bathing ape shit cuz i just cant get down with the idea of an ape.. but i got some small stuffs:



anyway.. the HOTTEST steez right now is the smootch line dropping in japan right now.. my girl just scooped up a smootch dress and a clear smootch purse for 680 dollars american, before shipping. the dress is a half button, ice white and baby blue, baby blue belt, and its all made of terrycloth. its super hot.... oh and back pockets like jeans...


the purse is just a clear purse.. pretty clean..


look out for this other brand thats dropping in japan too.. silent.. its pretty hot, my girl got a bit of the first line.. way off screenprints and clean lines.. white with off white graffics... its REAL clean.. always numbered with marker... on the bottom left.. again.. super nice lines..



i dont follow much american trends, cuz there is a chance i might bump into YOU around town and you'd have the same bathing ape shirt as me, so i stay cool with japan.. but im still getting my girl a louis vuitton Takashi Murakami speedy cuz its fucking hot.. and its fun to make the older women sweat... cuz they aint got it and cant find it.




in my opinion american fashion is way hard to enjoy, because they burn everything out.. i used to rock ecko hoodies and the new diesel jeans but the problem was that it rode so long that old men and moms were rocking it..


so i started paying attention in japan and talking to some people *(being american in japan you meet anyone you want whenever because your like a fucking deity)* and i hooked up with a girl and a guy who really make movements with clothes down there.. same with taiwan *(but its not nearly as cool as japan)* and singapore... but its nuts.. i mean they change brands like WEEKLY.. no joke.. like the girl i was talking about before.. she figures she spends 5 to 6 thousand dollars on clothes a month.. im not even kidding you.. every cent she makes goes to clothes.. but she also has a bunch of older male suiters who buy her shit.. and she just takes their credit card down to the store *(this is pretty common for older men to lust over girls, feel bad, and pay for their exhistence till there like 18 or 20.)*



so yeah. get smootch, get the takashi vuitton, and get the burrberry tims or find those pre-80s nikes white on white... must be pre-80s authentic unworn.

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Well, you know, I paid nothing for these. Plus, they came right to my door via Purolator.




Product Details

§ The rich full-grain and perforated leather upper proves durable and breathable, while giving a luxurious feel.

§ Polyurethane combines with a TPU chassis to add stability.

§ The full-length Air-Sole unit supplies an ultra-cushioned ride.

§ Premium non-marking, solid rubber outsole, coupled with a specific geometric pattern, offers superior traction for numerous sports.

Designed to the exacting specifications of all-star outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. and his demanding training program.

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i have nothing against people that want to look good, but prices have gotten out of control. i could think of a million better things to do with 90$ than spend it on a fucking t-shirt. get a clue people.

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Originally posted by dowmagik

i could think of a million better things to do with 90$ than spend it on a fucking t-shirt. get a clue people.


yea...you could almost buy a quarter.


at least they have something to show for their spent money.... not necissarily talking about you dowmagik... more to me.. to each their own.

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I've never skated a day in my life but after throwing off the old reeboks and sliding into a pair of my friends I Paths, i have come to the conclusion that they are the most comfortable shoes on the face of the earth. They felt like i was walkin on air.

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hey misterraven, yuo still lookin for those heinekens? i got someone whose willin to sell a pair. hit me on the e-mail, and also, other exclusive nike dunk sb's.

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Re: *believe*


Originally posted by WebsterUno

I dont trip on clothing too much myself.

I wear a lot of dickies, and plain clothes.

Im not too big on fashions, and trends.

My homie on the other hand..is a big Jordan head.

He has a rack full of jordans he wears,

and a bunch of boxes of Jordans for collection,

and possible sale/trade. He bought four

of these when they frist came out..he still

has 3 pairs, that have never been worn.




I know he has a lot of old ones too. He bought

them years ago, and they are still spanking new.

He has some he purchased years ago, and those

are still new too! We crack on him at times cuzz he

has all these shoes, but no car...lolz.





I have 5 pairs of shoes. :(


WOW this is me to a "T"...except i have a car...

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