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This is just a test to see how uploading photos works in 2019. Looks like most of the links for the photos in this thread have expired. Gonna start a new Twin Cities thread


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thats not weak.

fst is weak.


i cant believe you toys are still riding the BEEF for FAME train...




Matt...I would die for my crew.....would you?????.......


.......I will see you next summer. Keep that fake ass grill nice and shiny for me....I think i will keep them in a jar on top of my fridge. So everytime i bite into an apple....I will laugh at your misery...How do ya like dem apples....IMAC boy. :D


.....to everyone else...hate on us all you want....in the end....you still have to get up and go to your shitty job....making sandwiches....so....good for you. get fucked.:lol:

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Robert Allen Zimmerman (Jewish name: Shabtai Zisel ben Avraham) was born on May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota, and raised there and in Hibbing, Minnesota, on the Mesabi Iron Range northwest of Lake Superior. Research by Dylan’s biographers has shown that his paternal grandparents, Zigman and Anna Zimmerman, emigrated from Odessa in Ukraine to the United States after the antisemitic pogroms of 1905. His mother’s grandparents, Benjamin and Lybba Edelstein, were Lithuanian Jews who arrived in America in 1902. (In his 2004 autobiography, Chronicles, Dylan wrote that his paternal grandmother's maiden name was Kyrgyz and her family originated from Istanbul, although she grew up in the Ka??zman district of Kars in Eastern Turkey. He also wrote that his paternal grandfather was from Trabzon on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.)

His parents, Abraham Zimmerman and Beatrice "Beatty" Stone were part of the area's small but close-knit Jewish community. Zimmerman lived in Duluth until age seven. When his father was stricken with polio, the family returned to nearby Hibbing, where Zimmerman spent the rest of his childhood. Abraham was recalled by one of Bob's childhood friends as strict and unwelcoming, whereas his mother was remembered as warm and friendly.

Zimmerman spent much of his youth listening to the radio — first to the powerful blues and country stations broadcasting from Shreveport and, later, to early rock and roll. He formed several bands in high school. The first, The Shadow Blasters, was short-lived. The next band, The Golden Chords, lasted longer and played covers: their performance of Danny and the Juniors' "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay" at their high school talent show was so loud that the principal cut the microphone off. In his 1959 school year book, Robert Zimmerman listed his ambition as "To join Little Richard." The same year, he performed two dates under the name of Elston Gunn with Bobby Vee, playing piano and providing handclaps. Zimmerman enrolled at the University of Minnesota in September 1959 and moved to Minneapolis. His early focus on rock and roll gave way to an interest in American folk music, typically performed with an acoustic guitar. He has recalled, "The first thing that turned me onto folk singing was Odetta. I heard a record of hers in a record store. Right then and there, I went out and traded my electric guitar and amplifier for an acoustical guitar, a flat-top Gibson". He may have taken guitar lessons with Marvin Karlins at the University of Minnesota. He soon began to perform at the 10 O'clock Scholar, a coffee house a few blocks from campus, and became actively involved in the local Dinkytown folk music circuit, fraternizing with local folk enthusiasts and occasionally "borrowing" many of their albums.

During his Dinkytown days, Zimmerman began introducing himself as "Bob Dylan". In his autobiography, Chronicles (2004), he wrote: "What I was going to do as soon as I left home was just call myself Robert Allen.... It sounded like a Scottish king and I liked it." However, by reading Downbeat magazine, he discovered that there was already a saxophonist called David Allyn. Around the same time, he became acquainted with the poetry of Dylan Thomas. Robert Zimmerman felt he had to choose between Robert Allyn and Robert Dylan: "I couldn't decide — the letter D came on stronger" he explained. He decided on "Bob" because there were several Bobbies in popular music at the time.




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