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In the past few years alone (like 2008 and onward) there were a few people that came out of nowhere, crushed all over the city, and then got caught up one way or another.. like Lone FLC and that one little mexican cat (even I forgot what that dude wrote, but it was everywhere- ya'll remember). Besides those two examples, plenty of people have been smashing consistently ever since the hay days of pre-2002 graff. Noise/More... Show...7MK...RVS... Ensue is still holding it down and he has been one of the longest and most consistent..hank and mhap treated it like a job there for three to four years. In fact, UC (especially Arch, Dmyse, and Shock) have held it down like crazy lately.




dude, that was my whole point.


ugh, this is getting retarded now. i should have known better than to have even brought it up on here. but im glad that atleast mpls7 understood what i was trying to say...

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kids just need to stop lying to themselves like they fresh enough. never fresh enough. you can always improve and to be humble is a virtue that will help you improve. i think shits great but everyone needs to keep shit in perspective. that said, i think were on the same page and i would said 10000 freights dropping truth bombs on yall....

for those about to rock....we salute you.



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unwanted/needed advice. I know what I need to do, and that is to rock. Don't need a critic to tell me that. I am fresh enough, this is where we disagree. I'm not a kid, I'm 22 years old. yeah, salute your royalty.... well no were more like peasants or rats...anyways.... here's some classics to go with those currents:















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Now this is some real advice....



i think the problem is most people got no heart for it anymore. too many newer writers only do like one outline on a highway, one night of silver tags in uptown, and five or ten chill wall spots a year.




as kids we knew our citys awesome history and wanted nothing more than to live up to (and beyond) the expectations. our philosophy was to combine all aspects of the best graff that we saw coming up and then to consolidate it all into one movement.


we were inspired by the old school uptown tracks/bombshelter era of the midwest style burners by people like eros ewok monk intel logik crisis chen dzise etc. as well as the more funky and simplistic fr8 styles and fr8 numbers put up by people like mber spell and hope 4.


we also knew that you had to be up and maintain a presence in the streets and were heavily influenced by the serious crushing of people like kept puzl eski poe blast vent 26 and the one man wrecking crew that was gift nts. as well as others like sierra thnx nymz rehab dsc ensue fails gain etc. we also learned the importance of strategic subtle tags and all around up-ness and consistency of yen34.


at the same time we were also inspired by the work, as well as the friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) competition of 7mk/wins crew.



i know the city has dramatically changed in the past 15 years but i still think that if enough people learned the history, are down for the cause and not afraid to get their hands dirty, that the torch could continue to keep burning strong in minnesota. so to the people who actually are putting in work right now - keep it up. learn from the past and adapt to the future.





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THNX 1995-1999:


Thnx was ahead of his time all the way to the end of his career. Thnx embodied the TC scene with his heart on his sleeve. He believed in all the rules and regulations of the scene and lived the minneapolis life to the fullest. At the age of 14 he was writing Gear and had already mastered the art of having a strong hand, with uptown and dinkytown on lock. During the mid 90's many writers started their career in the 6th-9th grade, where Thnx had an early start at Anwaitan Jr High in the 6th grade. As crews took notice of his presence, Gear was looked at by such crews as STD, AF and the ATD's (pre-HM). Nobody believed a kid at this age could be that good, but he was. He was soon to be picked up by the AF and STD crews, than PS a sister chapter to AF-Athough XYZ was always his main concern. Shortly after some run-ins with the law, he switched his name to Thnx (think). A lightbulb became his trademark and his hand-style that mimicked no other. Although many had done characters, or were character artists, Take note that he was the/or one of the pioneers of having a consistent 'street art/monikers/imagery' for the TC scene, his lightbulb. Kilz87 had his trademark 'spaceman' character beforehand, but that was a more traditional idea because they were in fact, characters. A lightbulb was off the map and left a mark on people's minds. Hake WND followed later in 1999-2001 with his 'hats.'

Thnx had straight letters thatwere strong and followed suite of the original 612 tradition; straight to the point letter formation with individualized funk. After another stint with the law his title was changed to Amer, which was short for america, following a stint with the law shortly after that he switched his name to Beg (and sometimes Bug) during a prime chapter of the XYZ crew, when XYZ made sure the city knew of their existence. XYZ became a crew that held ranks with even some o the elite crews, a secretive group that seemed to hold no more than 4-5 bodies at a time. Thnx believed that there would be a capsize to how many members would be included, and each one would be real. THis described his persona, Thnx enjoyed the rare things in life, and whatever he cared for was truly precious in his eyes, what mattered to him counted, a lot. Thnx looked beyond style, although his members were stylized; he looked for integrity, off-beat personalities, and creative minds that kept a serious city twist. Thnx was not a large guy but stood up to foes that challenged him with a heart the size of his body with styles that reached the skyline. Following after his graf career Thnx perused the fine arts, with ample talent. by the time he had left the planet he had created over 4,000 pieces of work without one showing. I could go on but I'll make a long story short-

Thnx was full of creative energy and a real persona that stood up for what was real and righteous for the TC scene. He was a born leader and natural master of his craft. Bless the soul of the holy ghost. Thnx was a true piece of TC history.


Thnx one Forever.

Minneapolis legend.






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