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figured I'd check this thread since milwaukee is always hot as shit, and what do you know. most slept on area in the world, though it seems like you motherfuckers dont sleep.

Love, a secret admirer from CA.

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And I'm sure everyone will have a beef with some detail of the city(s) they were from, in my case I'm pretty disapointed they gave a whole paragraph in the Mpls section to Daesk, a toy who never really did anything in writing, and barely mentioned KEPT, who as much as the cool kids might not like him anymore, was a gigantic presence in Minneapolis graffiti during the 90's, influenced all sorts of people's style, basically brought roller paint out as the catalyst for big graffiti, and bombed a whole hell of a lot harder than some of his partners who are more well known today, but who really wouldn't be half as hooked up in the game as they are now without help from that dude. But again, c'est la vie, you can't expect people not to act like people.


Your thoughts, Minneapolis?

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theres pretty much nothing in the streets to be flicking anymore. 98% of every spot that can possibly be done has been done a zillion times already and will only get buffed in a few days or weeks tops. i miss the days when a person could hop on a bike and come home with a whole roll full of good quality bombing photos. now your lucky to find a single thing worth the effort.



as far as that book goes, i havent read it but i wouldnt be the least bit surprised to find out that it leaves out people who deserve the most credit. and thats just the way it goes. the people who are least deserving always get the most public recognition...

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