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Guest imported_Europe

Police beg Ice Cube's mercy

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Guest imported_Europe

Police beg Ice Cube's mercy


Thursday July 24, 2003


Chicago police have apologised to rapper turned movie star Ice Cube for likening him to a man wanted in connection with a string of sexual assaults. In a bid to catch the culprit, the Chicago Police Department released an all-points-broadcast on Sunday, calling for officers to be on the look-out for a black male in his mid 20s "who resembles the popular rap artist Ice Cube."

The description may have passed unnoticed had the local TV network, WBBM-TV, not used it in its own, more public broadcast. To illustrate their news item about the wanted man, the channel helpfully ran an Ice Cube video as a visual aid for viewers. By an unhappy twist of fate, Ice Cube currently happens to be in Chicago, where he is shooting his role in Barbershop 2. Relaxing between takes, various cast members witnessed the news broadcast and accompanying video. It is not known whether Ice Cube was among the viewers. Nor is it known whether he subsequently found himself hounded through the streets by outraged vigilantes - although it would make a good movie if so.


Yesterday police spokesman David Bayless apologised to the actor, saying: "the initial alert should not have been issued and the Chicago Police Department apologises to Ice Cube for the error. The Chicago Police Department regrets this honest mistake and certainly meant no ill will whatsoever."



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Mr. Ice Cube... do you have a comment for the press?


Awwww..... Shit!

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Originally posted by BigOatser

Kobe looks nothing like Ice Cube


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Fuck tha police....


Fuck the police comin straight from the underground

A young nigga got it bad cause I'm brown

And not the other color so police think

they have the authority to kill a minority

Fuck that shit, cause I ain't the one

for a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun

to be beatin on, and thrown in jail

We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell

Fuckin with me cause I'm a teenager

with a little bit of gold and a pager

Searchin my car, lookin for the product

Thinkin every nigga is sellin narcotics

You'd rather see, me in the pen

than me and Lorenzo rollin in a Benz-o

Beat a police out of shape

and when I'm finished, bring the yellow tape

To tape off the scene of the slaughter

Still gettin swoll off bread and water

I don't know if they fags or what

Search a nigga down, and grabbin his nuts

And on the other hand, without a gun they can't get none

But don't let it be a black and a white one

Cause they'll slam ya down to the street top

Black police showin out for the white cop

Ice Cube will swarm

on ANY motherfucker in a blue uniform

Just cause I'm from, the CPT

Ounk police are afraid of me!

HUH, a young nigga on the warpath

And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath

of cops, dyin in L.A.

Yo Dre, I got somethin to say

Fuck Tha Police

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anyone know what ice cube video is playing in a bar in the movie Clockers?> they got desert eagles and m16s to my memory ......

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