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!!!the pinche Sifl & Olly thread !!!!!!

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sifl and olly::::::::......:::#;;;;#;:::::.......


chesters poems...........................................................




Really pretty

you are very good

I'm chester

I like your shiny dress

Are you a princess?

Do you mind if I call you

Princess Passion?




Sometimes, when I'm alone,

I think about Ketchup,

Because I know that the truth is that

Its just sitting there in a bottle, by itself.

I'm pretty sure it's red.

Sometimes when I'm with Ketchup,

I think about being alone,

In a bottle.

Standing next to the mustard all day.


Poems are like...soul food from the minds kitchen, you dig?


sifl and olly poems.......................................................................


Abe Lincoln


Abe Lincoln had a way with words.

In true silence.

And when you're pure,

You can almost hear him snoring in his grave.

He was pretty tall.


-- Sifl




Nightmare of the Thimble's Dreams


Oh curious splendid thimble

My eye is to you as dew to the petal.

Protectith thy thumb from needlish pokes

Be true?

My reflection against your silver skin?

Have I had the corn betwixed my teeth this whole time?

Have I been sewing with corn stuck between my teeth the whole time?!

Gross...I am sorry poor thimble.

Sorry for the view I cast uponith mine silver thumb helmet.


-- Olly






Great big trees are like...wow.

Some of those suckers get tall.

I'm like a fallen dove, with oversized wings.

Be true when you're doing math.

There's no right or wrong answer.

Paul used to say that.


-- Sifl




Tiger Power


You know...

I don't feel keeping tigers as pets is as cool as it seems

with the meat

and the fur

and the nails

and the teeth...

Is that corn between that tigers teeth?

That tiger has corn between his teeth.

How was that tiger eating corn?

What the hell's going on here?

It's not corn?

What it is then?

...pieces of a raincoat?

I'm sorry...I didn't know.


-- Olly







A light desire for free grapes.

No fool will swallow a pony from the large end first.

Many people sing, but few play Stratigo.

In or out?

You're all taking your shoes off!


-- Sifl




Life...you're soaking in it.


The quicksand is deep around here

It is life.

A leather ashtray filled with the Queens cigars

It is life.

Dropping a thousand beanbags out of an airplane

It is Leif Garret...I mean life.

A snowcone's skeleton displayed in a hologram.

Life is it!...thus it is life.

A football stadium filled with pudding

As aiplanes lower the giant spoon.

...It is....

Robotic Sausages that can roll and beep.





-- olly




You're always hearing something

Until silence interrupts it

Like dinosaur burps


-- sifl





Checketh thy coat at the door

oh rose of silken ways

Moveth into thy light and furl thy tongue a raspberry

At a' boy danny, at a boy danny, come on danny,

you can do it danny...come on, homerun, danny!

you got it danny, next one danny... only two strikes danny

this one's you danny. swing danny, you can do it danny...

you suck danny.

checketh thy coat at the door of time.



-- olly




The darkest night

Can't compare

to the lightest shadows

sawdust is like aching hearts

with no glue

there are no solids


-- sifl





My sweater is full of moths

makes me...


I turn slowly

put it in sifl's drawer


-- olly





Charles in charge

of my day

of my night


-- sifl




from my cowboy hat to my spurs

from my pet cougar to it's purrs

from mountain top to valley stream

America America

man you got alot of awesome malls!


-- olly




Bleed a Lot Johnny




"Bleed a lot...

Bleed a lot Johnny"


-- sifl




Daddy's wigwam tall and straight

See them open heaven's gate

See them walking one by one

Astropup chillin' in the sun


-- sifl & olly




Man of fiddle

Did him tiny goddess

See them rust

sore from their urge

to worship lather.


-- sifl




Smear my stuff

Why is it so






Oh skulls of tiny nature

Moveth into thine frillith


Refrigerated star signs popping

Floweth in the grace of the quasi-rider jacket

Bloomin' heck


-sifl & olly




I recall two raw boys in rose

crying like bitter drunks

I stare

I say

Use crushed juice on them


-- sifl




I like Monkeys

big super monkeys

even when they pinch my arm

zippity bang, orangutans

never did nobody no harm

I like monkeys

punky, funky, monkeys

When they wear bandanas...

I feel overwhelmed


-- olly

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

good show.

i remember the show when olly thought he was going to get his ass beat by that tough guy puppet

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i remember the show when olly thought he was going to get his ass beat by that tough guy puppet


wasn't his name stealth...and he was always smoking a cigarette and had like a pierced eyebrow or lip. ahh, good times.

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damn i forgot all about that show, its been ages. funny show, wish it would have never gone off air.....or is it still on somewhere?

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