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The Photoshop Thread

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I'm pretty sure we have quite a few very good photoshop users on here, and i'd assume there are a bunch of you guys who like to mess around with it or are learning like me, so i thought I'd make a thread. The idea for this thread is to get it to run like the photography thread, just a place where anyone can post photoshopped pictures they've done, get advice, give opinions, and all that. I've just recently started using photoshop, so none of these are too good.




My very first photoshop work, just learning to use the lasso and a bit of the clone stamp





chupapproved icon i made two days ago



I might have some new work tomorrow, and if not, then probably not until at least monday, for i'm heading out of town for a few days. Feel free to give some critisism, advice, or add onto the thread with work, questions or tips.

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Originally posted by Grandola

dope idea. i too like to dabble in the photoshop arts...


use this host: http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/index.php


it won't resize it, man.

haha, yet another site to host on, i have accounts on fotango, seemesmile, picturetrail, deviantart, imagestation, etc. I'll give it a try though, none of them have yet been up to my expectations. I'm thinking i might just have to buy some space online to host on, and that will give me some motivation to make a site.




I know ctrl-alt-dlt, dosoner, and j have got some awesome stuff to throw in here.

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Good thread idea, I hope it doesnt falter like the Graphic Design one, that was also awesome. and should be bumped...maybe I will do that tonight.

Ive been dabbling lately only in photo retouching...I will attempt to share some projects if my models approve of it.

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my stuff


won't bother posting images here, just go take a look. all done with photoshop and/or 3d studio max 4 and 5 (depends on time of year)


i'll drop some stuff on here that i haven't uploaded to deviantart

when i dig it out of the second drive in my comp. i've gotta resize for web, etc. maybe a job for tomorrow.

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Well basically I suck. And I do photoshop shit for fun.



A girl im friends with. Granted she thought it was hilarious but her boyfriend got a tampon attack.


Some random bullshit I did for a 'project'


Like I said, I am teh S uck.

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btw, i'm looking for stock photo's of female models for an upcoming dark project, anyone know of a website? high quality isn't a must, but it is a plus. copywrite free would be nice, but not required...i can alter them and puull that "for arts sake" shit. i may be able to trade with you for some a good link...especially fi you have 3d studio max..

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Gliko, not bad at all. it just takes time to really learn photoshop. i've been using it for a while and still haven't explored all of it. i mainly use it to add small details or a color correction here and there. all of my "art" is done on 3dsm. i have been known to pull some shit on photoshop, but it's rare anymore. however, it's great for designing interfaces adn the like...tryu deviantarts tutorials. you'll find a ton and they all have somethign interesting to say.

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Originally posted by ClueTwo602

Gotta love Photoshop, but isn;t there like 2 million threads on this already?

clearly none of them are around anymore, and the point was so people would post new work...or just work in general, so i didn't really feel like finding some old ass thread just to bump back up.
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