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Welcome to paradise aka seekings old playground


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Guest smokin joe

ive lived in detroit my whole life. i have nothing to say but, this.

there is no other place id rather live. its not cluttered with writers, there are few but they are good at what they do.

politically speaking, detroit should be one of the most successful cities, being it one of the largest, its not because of its choice for mayors.



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the people mover cant be hit. there are i believe 4 cars total, all of which are locked up inside a closed garage when not in service. there are cameras inside the cars, and on every platform, monitored 24 hours a day by officers who can be in the station within minutes. even if a car was to stop on the tracks for some reason, you'd have to figure out a way to climb two stories in the air, to get to it. and even if you could somehow get it done, you could never write that name again and you would totally burn out the scene for the whole city. cops here dont just arrest you, they'll beat you down, then arrest you. it would so not be worth it.



the 80's were a really, really bad time in detroit. theres a book about a gang, YBI 'young boys incorporated'. if you can get a copy, its an interesting read. they pretty much created the rules for the crack trade as america knew it. this was during our rein as 'murder capital'. they pretty much just killed anyone and everyone.


couple random things... as dibs said, it was refered to as 'the paris of the west', but initially, the comparisons were brought about because detroit was modeled after the lay out of paris itself. grand circus park being the 'hub' of the whole thing. detroit is french, and supposed to be pronounced 'day-twa'.

the big decline of the city, happend after the riots in 68, when all the whites started moving out, but also kept their jobs in the city. black folks could now move out of their shit living accomidations into these bbig, victorian style houses, but had to keep their bulshit low paying jobs. the upkeep provved to be too expensive, no one would give them loans, so they all fell to shit. meanwhile the suburbs flourished.

and the auto plants didnt move to the suburbs, they moved to mexico and japan. detroit, which used to produce the vast majority of cars for the world, now makes less than 1%.

couple that wiith a striing of bad, corrupt politicians, and its all down the drain.

colman young was a memeber of the famed 'tuskeegee airmen', the black fighter pilots from ww2, made famous by the movie of the same name featuring lawrence fishburn. he was also famous for telling people flat out to 'fuck off', in those words if thats how he felt.


my head hurts.

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some numbers i ran across today from the free press:


Restoring Detroit


Here are a few numbers to remind us of how far Detroit has fallen:


-Detroit's population was 1.85 million in 1950, or nearly 30 percent of all Michigan's people. Detroit has lost half its residents since then, and is now home to less than 10 percent of Michigan's people.


-From 1970 to 2000, Detroit lost 37 percent of its population, but the number of city residents filing income tax returns dropped 55 percent during that period. In other words, the people with money were leaving; poor people were not.


-Businesses bailed out even faster. From 1972 to 1997, the number of retail shops in Detroit fell from 9,768 to 2,253, and manufacturing firms dropped from 2,398 to 825. Despite the pro-business tone set by former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, the rate of business flight from 1992 to 1997, which included much of Archer's first term in office, was virtually unchanged from the previous two decades under former Mayor Coleman Young.


-Employment in Detroit dropped 15 percent from 1980 to 2002. During the same period, employment grew 100 percent in Livingston County; 60 percent in Oakland County; 50 percent in Macomb and 31 percent in Washtenaw County.

You get the drift.


-Only one statistic -- property value -- offers empirical evidence that Detroit may have hit bottom and could be starting to bounce back.


The value of all taxable property in Detroit, adjusted for inflation, had declined for 24 consecutive years from 1972 to 1996. Detroit's property lost three-fourths of its value over that time.


But starting in the 1996-97 fiscal year, Detroit's taxable property value has risen for seven straight years, for a total seven-year gain of 35 percent in actual dollars, 13 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars.

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you can still buy property in detroit for nothing more than back taxes.

a 6 bedroom house, can be rented for about $600 bucks. now granted, its gonna be ghetto, but regardless. 4 bedrooms in decent neighborhoods are around $1000, give or take. i used to stay in a loft, i dont remember the exact footage, but it was a former dentists office, so it was fairly decent sized, it was $350 a month.


you get the picture...



seeks/dentists of doom

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i have been to practically every dam city in these united states.. and ive lived in downtown detroit for practically all my life.. there is no other city like detroit.. evrybody says fuck detroit fuck detroit. blah blah blah.. but this city is "FUCKED UP" we held the title "murder capital" for more than five years in a row.. and have been the champ offf and on for most of twenty years. you cant really hear about this place.. you have to see it for yopurselves.. its amazing.. soooo fucked up.. i lived in chitown for 5 months and came back here and was completely shocked once again// as soon as i was wearing off my "intimidation" of walking my white ass around the streets alone. i come back and it starts over. besides maybe two small parts of this city.. (boston edison district and indian village) (and thats even kinda fucked) it is one big ghetto..

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the people mover will never be hit. it is virtually impossible.they only chill at one spot and its in a building, you couldnt get more than 30 seconds alone with it if you tried.and even that would be heavily survielled. if someone hit it i would buy them pizza for a week.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Oh boy, maybe if this piece of shit computer would post fliks for me, I could share with you my photo collection of burnt out abandoned crack rental cars ditched the side of the street-no shit, I see a new one almost every day But you have to wonder about the stripped out abandoned boats on the side of the street, a Detroit original! This one on Mt. Elliot a while back, that shit ran for a whole year! Where was Mike Duggan:confused: He could start a campign for re-election, with a slogan like,"Mike Duggan was There" or some shit. And then there would be a picture of the homie Mike D. with a shovel cleaning up some illegal dump in an alley, or driving some hookers to rehab, and cleaning up some graffiti off the walls, or shuttin down some crackhouses, maybe on a backhoe tearin' down some old vacant house, and then at the end of the TV commercial he'd look at the camera and that shit would say, "Mike Duggan was There" ;)

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..and then the cheap fucks tell the people to volunteer to clean up shit that the city should take care of!!! Population: 925,000 and dwindling. Try taking a ride on the woodward bus line or the crosstown or other busy route at prime time. Welcome to hell. Try taking the same bus on a school day in the morning or when class gets out. Yo, I'd rather walk. What's funny is that if all of a sudden lets say even 10 percent of the commuters with cars wanted to take the bus, you'd have a fucking crisis---but the worst was, one hot day, on the woodward bus filled with perhaps a hundred people, some dumb motherfucker busted off one of those sulphur fart bomb things. That shit was foul:mad: Oh well, we all know that the 2006 Super Bowl will save us.:rolleyes: Thank god these fucks are 'sprucing up' eastbound 94 from the airport, so that all these jackasses coming in for the game will have something nice to look at....clowns. And they can eat at johnny rockets, I heard they have one in Cancun and Detroit!!! Or maybe if were real lucky, that new hard rock cafe will open and pave the way for some other theme based restaraunts!!! Halle-fuckinluljah.. Oh well, what the fuck do we care--I'll just kick back and crank up the AC in my Lafayette yuppie loft with dreams of urban street cred dancing through my head. Nah, just kidding. I'm really jewish and live in Bloomfield Hills.

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Guest xylene2020

this is seriously the dopest post ive seen in a really long time....these flicks are great.......is there anyway we could get a little b dawg, gsm up in here though..

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I never thought I'd ever say it... but I fucking miss it! Too bad I'm banned from Michigan for the next 7 years...


Someone should creep down into Del Rae sometime and snag a few pictures, if you dare.


When I was 13 my friend's neighbor (who owned two strip clubs and a chop shop) took us to D. Rae to show us 'why you don't do drugs.' Long story short, from leaving the car to walking up to this 'house' the guy had to show he was holding to some curious on-lookers (keep in mind it was an alcoholic 30-something year old and 3 scrawny white kids),as soon as we walk in the house... 6 adults, in their 40s, pots boiling over on the stove, freebasing, roaches on the counter and something like 4 kids in a playpen in the living room/ trash suppository...


I've also been in a few pursuits in places I never should have been...


I've checked the locks on my car more than once in broad daylight while trying to find my way out of less 'wholesome' neighborhoods.


Fun fact: If you're white and in Detroit you can run any non-major red light after dark. The police (whom the recently did a background check, because someone in the dept. wasn't, to find something like 33 were felons) know if you're on the wrong side of the color wheel you shouldn't be stopped in any one place longer than a few seconds. I didn't understand why people never stopped at redlights in the D until I got my own car.


Kettie, this thread's red-head-dog-shaving fucking fantastic. Keep it up.

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you can also "change" red lights to green lights in some places by flashing your high beams.. if you dare. I chose truth though. dares became too complicated and confusing.. like, I dare you to lick that frozen lamp post.. well.. no. I refuse. HA HA. then you have to tell the truth.


also. detroit IS the most "french" city in america. want to go to paris? then do you goddamn expatriate. it's not about nationalism. it's about free speech. learn about why eminem kinged the world with his many alter-egos. 8 Mile is just a name for his geographical location. the world is FLAT. just like my soda.


fuck time.

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Some breathtaking flicks shown


Detroit reminds so much of the greater Pittsburgh area -- that blank, empty, deindustrialized feeling left hovering over everything.


There's a town called Braddock outside of Pittsburgh where a good number of steel mills used to operate and employ thousands of workers. Right now it looks almost identical to a lot of the places shown in this thread. Certain street corners still have old ice-cream parlors from the 40s and 50s sitting on them, virtually untouched since they were abandoned. Broken brick buildings and giant, rusted out factories everywhere. Anyone interested in American history could spend days just staring at things in places like this.


What a fucking shame.

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  • 5 months later...

ten years ago, you could get them for back taxes (couple grand). now a days, they're starting to be expensive for some reason. of course 'expensive' is relative, but nothing like what they used to be.

the problem is finding one that is in a half way decent area, that is salvagable.

realisticly speaking though, and this is just a total guess, but i'd say you could get a 5 bedroom victorian style house on a block that you probably wont be shot on, and that is half way livable, for 45-65.

i could be way off though, so dont pull out your savings and head on over, but i think its realistic.

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Originally posted by ubejinxed





is this whole thing abandoned?


yah i'd love to renovate one of those houses. it would be majestic if it was done right. man.



THIS WAS probably answered somewhere...but yes that is all abandoned but in the last few weeks the mayor announced that the city is going to buy it and renovate it and turn it into the new Detroit police headquarters.

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