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'Metrosexual' - ah jeeze!

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the fuck is this?

Who comes up with this shit?

I swear I blame the internet for everything lame out there today.


What is Metrosexual ?


an excert...




Somewhere between a man who never clips his nose hairs and one who is so fastidious that his pedicures are booked a year in advance sits the metrosexual male.


Sports section in hand, golf clubs/basketball/soccer ball at the ready, he can cook up a blow-your-socks-off pasta feast while discussing the merits of wines and wrenches with equal intensity.


The metrosexual male, at least according to a newly released study, doesn't worry as much about becoming, say, a major league sports star or head honcho at a major corporation as he does about growing old with the woman he loves and having happy, healthy kids.


That this 21st Century guy has been dubbed a metrosexual male is the work, in part, of Euro RSCG Worldwide, a communications group headquartered in New York.


After conducting a study to find out what men are feeling these days, they crunched the data, labeled it "The Future of Men: USA," then tacked the "metrosexual" moniker on "a segment of men who have embraced customs and attitudes once deemed the province of women."


It has earned its share of media buzz.


And it reflects, say some Chicagoans, the evolution of men's behaviors and roles during the last 50 years.


Men today, said advertising sales rep Randall Cross, 31, of Chicago, "are more involved with family life, and I think they can now express their emotions more."


"[They] probably use more exfoliating products than the guys 50 years ago. And I think it's easier to get burdened in the trappings of a consumer culture," added Chicagoan Jason Smith, 30, a magazine editor. "But I think, at the core, the values are still the same.


Men still have anxiety about their families and living up to the American ideal of being a man."






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thats fucking lame. its just another "perfect human" created by cooperations.

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another casualty of the war with the political-correct.

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Originally posted by Kilo7-

another casualty of the war with the political-correct.

precisely...politics and bullshit.

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