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the shitty car club

mapo returns

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Model - Saturn Sl1

Year - 1994

Miles - 127,000

Had to take it to the shop for - water pump exploded, brakes leaked, brake pad split in two, tires blew up at the same time (2 of them) and theres a ching ching sound coming from the engine since one of the valves is off, it shakes over 75 miles an hour on the highway, and it overheats like a mofo. Nothing like turning on the heat full blast in 90+ degree weather.

Misc - it's got many scrapes and lots of paint stains, other then that there is really nothing wrong with it

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model: saturn sl2

year: 1996

miles: 188,000 roughly

shit that sucks: driver seat worn the fuck out, burns oil like whoa. i have to constantly add oil, but hey, i only hae to get an oil change once a year and the filter still looks pretty new when i do. There are lots of things leaking from the bottom, but i expect good paychecks soon so i will not get it fixed, ill just buy a new car asap.

one positive thing: the bitch has lasted. and keeps going and still drives damn good.

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year: 1982

miles: Who knows how many times it rolled over

purchse price: $50 (fifty)

why this car was a bucket: All of the windows were off track, there was no music, no air, most of the fuses were missing so a lot of things like the windshield wipers wouldn't go on, Alignment is waaayy the fuck off, Its almost impossible to make a left turn, When i was driving it one of the black rims was so rusted that it broke off while i was driving, the radiator fucked up and started shooting green fluid all over the place, Lots of smoke, I locked up the engine. But it got me where i had to go and do what i had to do for about 2 months.

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model-acura integra


miles-close to 200k

bought it 2 years ago for 1600 bucks,it runs good but i have had to replace the alternator(8 hour job with father in law),i recently replaced the brakes,i broke the drivers side door handle one morning when my car was frozen and havent got it fixed so i enter through the passengers side...the knobs on my window rollers are broke,needs new cv joints,oil leaks into my sparkplugs because of bad seals...anyway this is my 4th car,my parents hooked up a brand new nissan truck when i got out of high school and i put it into some trees...before that i had two vw bugs one of them was a semi automatic no clutch(just let off the gas and shift)and the other was awesome,it had A chrome porsche engine and was lowered but a flood screwed that ride up....anyway can i be in the club?

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model: Ford Taurus

year: 1988

miles: Hey... where is the odometer?

cars name: The Brown Dukester


why this car makes me laugh:


well lets see. One day i had the car on and i leaned into the back seat to grab something and my foot slipped onto the gas pedal. The car reved super hardt and the heat needle never went past the danger level after that. It leaked oil like a champ and smoked a whole lot when i rolled around. The Fuel pump was going out os my car would just stall at random times in the middle of the street. Especially when it was raining. The alternator belt was lose so when it rained my car made this horrible screaming noise. The breaks went out a few times on me. The transmission slipped like crazy. some one wrecked into the side of me and i could no longer open the passenger side door. This was the first car i tried to hook some radio shit up in myself so only one speaker ended up working by the time everything was done. I dontthink that i have ever had a car with working ac. My buddy went to a local music store and put a whole bunch of skull dugery stickers on my back window, that was fuckin great. I was a rolling advertisement for the wackest rapper ever for a little over a year. There wasn't a day when i didn't think about insurance fraud.


Fondest memories of the Brown Dukester:


[*]that time i made this bitch ride in the trunk

[*]the time i almost bottomed out while speeding away from the police

[*]the no smoking for anyone but me rule

[*]The Skull Dugery stickers all on my back windows

[*]donuts in the middle of the street

[*]That time i piled 7 bitches into the back seat so i would have the front to myself


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im glad to say taht im not in this club any more, but i have about 4 cars that i could have posted on here. ill just do one because these days i rock a rolla'.



Model - saab 9000s

Year - 1989

Miles - 209,477

Had to take it to the shop for - lets see..hole in the readiater, catallitic converter(rotted off), some kind of gas line problem, windows wouldnt roll down.

Misc - no stereo whatsoever, sunroof was stuck closed, the roof had mad holes so when i rained its all went down my back, no a/c, when heat was turned on this strange black foam kind of stuff came out of the vents, oil leak so i had to put a quart of oil in every other day.

number of times it had to be towed (so far) - 9(not including two to the kidnney foundation)

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: the shitty car club


Originally posted by JohnnyHorton

You, and that equally dumb bitch up there ^ in that bus who rammed homie, are living proof that female drivers = no survivors.


You're some stupid bitch who fucked up a pretty nice ride that daddy probably bought you... I hate stupid yuppies like you, I hope you seriously crash your car and only injure yourself, and maybe, your car.


watch your mouth son.

there is nothing wrong with the way i drive. My ride is in no way fucked up. The scrape on the bottom front fender was caused by me comming to close up to a curb in a parking lot, NOT because i can't drive.


I payed for my car with my own money, and with one check, no car payments. I'm in no way a yuppie. No one helped me pay for my car, because i used the settlement money that i got because i got hit by a fuckin van doing 50mph while crossing the street.


Think before you start talking shit about someone, because nobody knows what i had to go through for that damn money.

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i used to have a shitty car in high school, now i have a benz but my old car what super shitty


1981 Mercury sable station wagon, around 100K miles.

no right or middle rearview mirror, the left was cracked. no heater core, so no heat, and over 55mph it shook like one of those magic finger beds.

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Originally posted by When

haha fuckers

i have a 92 toyota pickup but its tits.


sidenote: splinter i said id help you on any projects you have just shoot me an email


yeah man, thanks, i just wanted to make sure that you knew that Splint2 is no the Splinter Nightowl, i guess its hard to check since i have so many names on here.


anyway, the only thing i need now, is to rewire my car from the dashboard foward, those 34 year old wires + my previous owners stupidity ended up causing a huge electrical fire.


oh and Splint2 i see we have more than our names in common. i have a 70 Chevelle Malibu, what kind of El Camino do you have, you know El Caminos and Chevelles have a lot in common right? www.chevelles.com



Model: Chevy Chevelle Malibu

Miles: 102,000 known miles

Engine: 305 V8, soon 350 V8

In the shop: rarely, i fix it myself. currently re-doing the wiring on the car.


No AC, crappy audio system (CD), old car, doesnt pull anyway when braking, can go 100MPH+ without shaking or rattling or breaking down.


opinion: blast to drive, looks great, comfortable to sit in, but i do hate the fact that rust is eating away at the body and that during its 34 years, i have no idea what this car has been through.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: the shitty car club


Originally posted by SnowWhite

watch your mouth son.

there is nothing wrong with the way i drive. My ride is in no way fucked up. The scrape on the bottom front fender was caused by me comming to close up to a curb in a parking lot, NOT because i can't drive.


Yeah, thats exactly why you can't drive. If you can't even do something as simple as park your car, which is what you get the most practice at driving daily, then no - you can't drive.




And to the dick who had the 98 integra, on his fourth car, - they aren't toys you dick, you need to get in a crippling accident too.

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Model - Mazda Navajo LE 4x4 (basically a ford explorer sport with a mazda badge)

Year - 1992

Miles - 130,000 +

Had to take it to the shop for - new front suspension,

Fixed/replaced on my own (recently) - altenator, brakes, engine stuttering, vacuum system, MAS, battery to started cable (5 times)

Misc - beat the shit out of it in Colorado four wheeling, the rocker panels are all rusted out and dented, four wheel drive no longer engages, rust spots on roof, nice leather interior, automatic everything, a/c does not work, nice stereo, front suspension makes annoying noise over bumps, took a loan out to get it all fixed up before i moved and shit just fell right back apart and i'm still paying, has four different type of tires on it, one being a recalled firestone i never replaced.

times towed-over 10

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