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Who have u heard of or read about but never seen


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Originally posted by WrIot

the real slipknot(no masks)


can anyone provide pictures of these people



hahahahah i think they are from boston because they play like every weekend! sorry i cant get my cands on any pictures. i think they are old lame guys.


my list:

-super furry animals



-further seems forever(i think its a good thing)

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Originally posted by keep

the boogy man

easter bunny


tooth fairy

jesus christ



wtf? youve never seen santa?


i think theres santa's for each race because myne was korean, and gave a lot of kids dog legs for lunch.


how could you not see santa. find the racial one near you

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

This is a piss-poor excuse for a thread.





SLIPKNOT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLIPKNOT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SLIPKNOT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







go listen to some BETTER metal, like REAL metal.

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Originally posted by WrIot

REAL METAL like wut i wanna know i always like new music



uugh.....ok....here goes.....this is gonna take a looong time.. BE HAPPY I DO THIS FOR YOU DUMBSHITS!



clasics:slayer,old mettalica,morbid angel,cradel of filth,white snake,napalm death, death angel, dio,motorhead, iron maden and manowar.


death metal/grind:dying fetus,cryptopsy,deeds of flesh,devowerment,impailed,macabre,vader,cannibal corpse,super joint ritual,avulsed,opeth,yattering,hate eternal,symphony X, nile,childeren of bodom, deadspeak,solar dawn, iniquity,beheaded,corpse vomit,beowolf,cronik disorder,fleshitized,nephetasth,anasarsa,dim-mack,murder squad,thorazeine.



grindcore: intestinal discorge,mortician,malignant tumor, pig destroyer,orchid,the locust, assuck, anal cunt,dahmer,heamorrige,lymphatic phlem, dead infection,gore beond necropsy,nuro visral exhumemation,rot,ullcerra,undinism,utopi,324 and circle of dead childeren.




oh yah, check out mastodon, skinless, agorophobic nosebleed,converge and wesly willis.




im done. thats the best of cramps metal and grind music.



and i know my metal/grind:king:

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yes white snake........they are a band.....and yes they are all white......not black...white....you gatta problem......eh......cuz if you have a problem......you gatta.....um.....take it up with my acountant......cuz he is good with my taxes.....hes jewish.........and WHITE!

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