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amazingly awkward video of crispin glover flipping out on letterman in 1987

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people were talking about it on hiphopinfinity.com and i did some research


watch the video first @




heres a description if you cant watch it from usenet:


From: Larry Setlow (pjt@cpac.washington.edu)

Subject: Re: Crispin Glover's Letterman appearance

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Newsgroups: rec.arts.tv, rec.arts.movies

Date: 1991-01-10 00:34:42 PST


Here's my synopsis of CG's first appearance on Late Night (I got

enough requests very quickly that I expect lots more):


Crispin Glover first appeared on Late Night with David Letterman on

28 July 1987. He wore the bad slacks, platform shoes (2-3" soles,

4-5" heels), bad wig, and cetera as previously described. He

seemed generally uneasy and spent most of the time studying himself in

the monitor and fidgeting (somewhat like Nastassia Kinski, who also

appeared with bad hair and had a really bad time). The first sign of

trouble was when Dave had an incorrect note [This could have been a

researcher's failure, or CG lying to somebody; I'm inclined to think

the latter.]: Dave asked CG something like, "You used to live on

Hollywood Blvd?" and CG just looked vaguely stunned and said, "No."

After a few more attempts by Dave to get CG to admit to having lived

somewhere within sight of Hollywood Blvd, Dave gave up. CG seemed

significantly unsettled by now.


Shortly after that, while CG was talking about how good he felt about

being on talk shows a few audience members shouted, "Nice shoes!"

which further flustered CG and prompted a close-up on the (really

ridiculous) footwear. In an effort to get something out of CG, Dave

said, "I notice you have something there in the case." "The case" was

a box about -- oh, 2x3 feet and 4" deep -- which had been sitting in

the extra guest chair since the beginning of the segment. CG looked

severely put-upon, gestured over at the box, and pretty much left the



CG: I -- I -- I knew that this was gonna happen and I, uh, can I tell

you because the press, they can do things, they can twist things

around and -- 'cause -- the, uh -- you're talking -- I don't -- look

-- [pulls out a paper] the press says things about you -- uh ... in

the paper [i'm going to drop the verbal pauses henceforth: they

don't actually go away; they're just hard to transcribe]. This is a

paper, the LA Weekly, in Los Angeles, and they said about me,

'La-dee-dah' It was at -- I went to a club -- and they said that -- it

was at a meeting and it said 'Crispin Glover, who was in a [Deleted

from the show (really)] frenzy -- though his bark is actually worse than

his dot dot dot. You get the point.' And then --


During the latter half of this speech, Dave started looking

uncomfortable, bored, what-have-you; the way he does when he's got a

really bad guest who is dying The Big Death. At this point, he sort of

interrupted and asked Paul if he had anything to add. Paul declined.


Dave [to Paul]: Is this the first time you've seen another guy drown?

Is this the first time you've watched a guy die?


Paul: You talking about you or --?


Dave: No, me.

[CG starts reading another clipping]


Paul: It's quite entertaining, though.


After a bit more silly paranoia on CG's part, and some gentle

patronizing on Dave's, CG swung into Wacky Speech #2:


CG: They try to make me sound a log weird -- I'm just -- I'm strong.

[Flexes right biceps] I can arm wrestle. Do you want to arm wrestle?

[Dave declines] I'm taking -- [CG stands, steps back, stumbles over

his case, falls off the riser] these aren't mine [i think he means the

shoes here. He might be saying "are"; I'm not positive]. I can kick

[demonstrates in Dave's direction -- it doesn't look to me like he was

all that close, but see below]


Dave: Okay. [stands and starts heading away] I'm going to go check on

the Top Ten [it hadn't been ready earlier].


As he leaves, CG grabs his shoulder, apologizing, but Dave pulls away

(saying what sounds like, "excuse me." What a polite guy), says,

"I'll be back," and they cut to commercial.


Upon returning from commercial, Dave explained that CG had to catch a

cab and chatted a bit with Paul.


Dave: Did you enjoy that, Paul?


Paul: It was an interesting segment.


Dave: I think that was the first time we've been doing the show

that a guest actually tried to kick me.


Paul: Well, I think it was a conceptual piece. . .


Dave: Well, he came very close to denting my head with those giant

shoes, so I thought, 'I don't need that; I'm forty, I went to college,

that is not how I want my life ended, some goofball, some dork from

wherever --' [audience boos.] Oh, stop it. You want to have to have

dinner with the guy?


The next night's show had a "cold opening" that began with a replay of

the sequence beginning with Wacky Speech #2, ending with the kick.




Dave wakes up screaming. Paul and Biff enter and Paul asks what the

matter is.


Dave: Oh, Paul, I had this terrible dream. You know that actor, that

Crispin Glover? I dreamed he was on the show and he was just a real jerk.


Paul: That was no dream, he was on the show.


Dave: Oh my God, then it really happened.


Paul: Yeah, but don't worry about it, it'll never happen again.


Dave: How can we be sure?


Paul: Well, last night after the show, Stage Manager Biff Henderson

and I followed Crispin Glover back to his hotel room.


Biff: Yeah, we smothered him with the mattress. He's dead.


Dave: Oh, great! Gee, that's terrific; I owe you guys one.


And so on, into the opening credits.


If anybody really cares, I can provide a summary of his return

appearance, which was less downright wacky, but really not much more

coherent; I figure I'm pushing my luck already. I will tell you that

the stuff he brought the second time doesn't appear to be the same as

the stuff that was in the case that he brought for the first


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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

that was funny as hell! and it seems like he meant to do it and was trying to be funny to me. is he the weird dude on the new charlies angel movie that smells hair?

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Originally posted by YG Blood I also think that was a set up [/b]


Hahaha, I saw it happen, I don't think it was a set-up... Dave was PISSED!

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the whole thing seems pointless to me not funny,i dont see it as CG flipping out on david letterman he's just crazy flipping out means like trying to attack him that kick doesnt count cuz he would have hit him if he wanted to ,and dave didnt seem pissed it looked to me like he was just confused and wanted to get out of CG's way,thats just my take on it anyway:lick:

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they cut it off before he apparently starts flailing his leg around and almost kicks letterman in the face.


when they came back from commercial the dude was gone, and letterman didnt exactly appear to be happy about the whole situation. i dont know if it was a setup or not, but it made for great tv!


i guess the appearance later in the week, glover still acted kinda weird but didnt flip out like he did this time.

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