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mixing paint

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I dont really care what people have to say about this, and I really dont care if they dont agree with it, but this is how i do it, and it works really good for me.


So, first of all, do not, i repeat, DO NOT boil a spray can, you are askin for trouble if you do that.


1. k, the can you are mixing color into, and putting paint into, thats the one you throw in the freezer, a half hour is pretty good. and make sure it aint full.


2. the other can, the can you are taking the paint out of, leave that at normal room temperature


Now, you need a mix tip, or if you're me, and you're poor and very cheap, you can just use a pen tube, empty all the ink out and cut a couple of notches at each end with a swiss army knife, or a smaller knife with a sharp blade.


3. ok, so now, your paint should be frozen, and you should be able to mix shit up, hold the cold can upside down over the warm can, attach the two together with the tube, and push down on the cold can, it's easier if another person holds the warm can for you, then you can make sure the pen tube stays steady and no paint gets sprayed anywhere.


** do this somewhere that it doesnt matter if you get paint on shit, cause it gets messy the first couple times you try it. but it gets easier as you progress.

Like i said, i dont know how these other guys do it, but thats how i do it, and it works just fine. the advice is here if you want it. Peace








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