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Your Favorite Kr430n5_666 Quotes Appreciations.

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The fellow of few words in all his glory


"i hope we are still baptism friends."

"someone is a lie-demon."

"its laughing! luagihaogihaoga oot. you knowwyaokaykewldewdzZzZ"

"I'm far too advanced for this."

"Oh man...what did it look like? hahaha." (it looked old haha)

"Yeah this thread is fucking awesome."

"You just got a high-five. Good work."

"I pray for lava to destroy the planet."


"very fucking nice thread...here is something that has no relevence to it:"

"no happy endings"

"heh...i go to raves to there hustler guy. heh...we should hook up...unless you think trance sucks...cuz i love it. I ATE TOO MUCH CAKE."

"ive rocked pink shirts in my time. wooo wooo!"

"well i havent been around for 8 days. anyone notice? "

"you dont know me@!!!!#@!#!@"

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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

"internet toys with a lot of posts are still internet toys.........................with a lot of posts"

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I almost started a thread like this before...


Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

hahahah intangable flame. that got a good laugh out of me.


i am selling my laugh. who wants it?



prices start at $532,8fi,jds,32f,98j,w33.43














sale ended. sorry.



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

i did these real quick because a dead upside down robotic dinosaur was chasing me right after i ate 4 huge bowls of spagetti and mayonaisse.



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

some shit i drew while driving my car down the highway going 120 mph because there was this huge fireball chasing me like a preist at a gay parade. (whoops)


guys, i'm leaving for 2 weeks. farewell.


Shit your pants for me.



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

yes i am aware of that. in this sence, i suppose i am a modern example of either an inhuman male or a strongly conservative female (which gender, i dont know!).


just because i believe in things that arent acceptable in society means i shuold just drop them? well thats a bunch of diararrea tulips. vegan kids follow a diet which is, for the most part, not respected by the rest of the world (but is getting more acknowledgement these days).


doing things that are not the usual is not a thing that should be abolished. no way.


also, i dont beleive in the whole "wife and husband" thing due to the fact that i think marriage is a pile of gargoyle craps.


as a whole...i just feel nudity is something for 2 people who feel they are totally awesome together should enjoy. even if it is just someone you think is cool. who cares about this "BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND - HUSBAND/WIFE" label bullshit. if you think someone is cool and sex wont phase the way you 2 are, then word to the bling, have a sex time...no big deal.



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

Mamerro, you get 499 dollars.


I'm not here to change the world, just to make sure people know all sides of the situation. Mamerro knows all sides of the situation and indulges in the fact that he does stupid things and likes attention. He doesnt enjoy these things, but at the same time...it is who he is and seems to show signs of growing out of it in the future.


This is good. I want to make people aware of things so they know why they are who they are. I am deeply sorry if you people dont like being challenged to think on other levels.


I personally dont like the fact that animals are killed for human convienince, but i am definitly not vegan. This is an example of me BIENG one with the majority of society. I have reasons for why i am not vegan and i feel that is important, to know why you are who you are.


If you can back up all of your actions with intelligent and genuine reasoning, then you are unstoppable. Look at my reaction to Mamerro for an example.


Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

ah ah ah


no no no


maybe i should have been more clear, but i figured you al knew what kind of nudity im speaking of here.


posting your nude webcam shots on a message board online full of horny kids displays no artistic merit at all...and if it did, it would be overlooked because of the ones who are looking and the environment it is in.


it is not YOUR fault entirely for why i am going nuts here...its the action and reation that gets me. if you posted nudes of yourself for no reason on a message board full of poeple like myself, it would be nothing but laughs... but in this case..it is "OMG! I WANT TO SEE TITS AND CLITS! I HAVE A SHITTY WAY OF THINKING WHEN IT COMES TO FEMALE BODIES! PORNOGRAPHY HAS SPEAD A DISEASE IN MY HAD AND MADE ME WANT TO SEE BODY PARTS MORE!".



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

hahha yeah. after the show sucked...we stayed at this stupid girl's house and ate all of her pasta and made a mess in her bathroom. then her drunk roomate came in and buried her in lies for our own amusement. they were nice people though.


Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

Sir, i appriciate your advice here...but i am all set. I have been doing the graffiti thing for 5 years. i have the simple work down and i also enjoy drawing more complex letters. my letters, if you notice, have correct proportions and correct 3d. maybe you simply do not enjoy the way they are formed? well i could see what you are saying, but i am all done with sticking to the same old traditional graffiti letters...for the most part. i see myself going to a style which shows common graffiti letter influences, but with some oddness to toss in the mix. i'm also focused more on art when i do my work, so i dont care if my work looks sloppy or whatever, i see it as just a piece of art and not a GRAFFITI. this kind of perspective has come about in the last year.


your comments and opinion's are well valued, but i dont see myself striving to please your perception of what you think is good and bad. may name is "makros" and i do things. lets smile and piss our pants. thanks for the paradise sauce-ride.



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

ah 2 more things..


i am not TRYING to be different here. over time, i have developed this* thing where i draw from my mind. i did not have this kind of thing for a while...but now i can flow my ideas in a more precise way. my letters are they way they are because of the pictures that are drawn in my head. i take those mental images and manifest those into a documentation of what they originally were....my thoughts. if they flow in a way you dislike, then you may not like the way my mind flows in terms of graffiti or maybe my art as whole. which is rad, son, because everyone likes differnt things.


you also said you like simples. well thats that. you like simple letters, me too, but i just happened to draw less simple letters this week and i am shitting my pants for a century.


have marvelous times.


ta ta


*error corrections



Originally posted by Kr430n5_666

you cannot get me mad.





I'm not stalking you, I was just bored. You have nothing to worry about. I don't even know if humans can do you any harm on the plane of existence which you reside but, whatever...


- Æ°

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Seriously.. this one is my favorite.



View it here .

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Originally posted by KING BLING

"internet toys with a lot of posts are still internet toys.........................with a lot of posts"

amen to that

I have seen a makros outline in paper chase and it was bad.

I think alot of people in chanel zero forget this is a 'graffiti' message board. If your shit at graff then you get no props, reguardless of how much time you waste on the internet posting bulshit irellevant photos.

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Guest Propaganda
Originally posted by doggy jones

"fuckin' niggers"


:lol: .......oh wait :heated: :hatred:

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