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[0xffffff03] DNB Thread

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bump i'm on it


dj heretic/ jungle classics


online streaming links





this is a link page



a better link page



an even more betterer link site




ya i'm lazy.................... link sites good...work bad

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kniteforce is a dope label

i like their tunes a lot....the pianos and vocals are awesome

radiophonic oddity

Luna C


phuture primitive

etccccc..... dope stuff


i also like some old stuff on the kemet label


as for new stuff,. not many good release

high contrast on hospital NHS60 is ok

some pretty dope bootlegs of jackson 5 and a tribe called quest dnb mixes

black sun empire....rawthang vs benji is cool (BSE005)

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Originally posted by CRAMPS

hey im going to tell a naughty joke in binary! ooh how fun!




mk.....01001010110101011010100101001010101010101100101010100100101101001010100101010010111010101001101010110101010101001011010010110100101010011110101011010110010010101011010100110011010101010100101001010101 0111010101010101001010110010010110010101010101111000101 0101101101001001001010100101011101001101011001010010101010100101`00101010010 01010010101010110101010101110100101001010111111010100101010101010101010101010001001001010010011100010010100101100011010010110100110110101001011011101011011010110101101011010110101000011011011011010 101011010110 0111010101101001101001010010101010101010101011010101101001010101001010110!



tee hee hee:crazy: that was a good one!:king:

HaHaHa did you hear the one about the 00100?
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