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i dont know if there is a thread with full page sketches.. i probably wont do many.. but this is the finished product (both before i completely fucked it up, and after) of my ren and stimpy sketch you mighta seen in the before/after thread.. but yeah i always like seein full page sketches.. lets see if we can get some in here ;o)


before i fucked it up



and after i fucked it up..


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I like your letters and all, but the smurfs mixed with Ren and Stimpy, though they both look good, just doesn't seem to match one theme..Take out the smurf and and it would have been dope..


I still like it though...post more

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Originally posted by LOReSeVeNTeN

yeah i like it alot, you never answered me on weather you traced them,

i also like the idea of this thread ill try and post one soon maybe tonight




no i didnt trace it, but i had a picture to look at.. maybe ill post it but not right at the moment

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haha thanks terra that boosts my self esteem man... i guess you can say im self concious about my characters :o, but shit.. thanks thats awesome to hear!! :loopy2:





Oh yeah and those other flicks are awesome.. i like the lighting on that 2nd one erizeno... and the slyde is looking pretty nice too i like the fill

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Originally posted by LOReSeVeNTeN

hmmm shor i dont know what to think of your latest i like the fill inside the star and im undecided on the rest, i finished a full pager but i left my digi camera at my g-friends so ill post when i get it back probly like tomorrow



yeah i dunno the background is kinda weird.. and the letters are kinda weird...but i dunno i was just havin fun with it ;o) i made that one for someone else though so i dunno.. i just hope she likes it.

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