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Originally posted by LOReSeVeNTeN

like when dali was dropping the dope shit most people thought it was crude same with most "famous" artist bottom line always draw for your self


I might have to disagree on that DALI statement LORE.

Dali as well as Picasso were trained in the classical style which would be considered photo realism now a days.


Dali was always Dope and people always loved his work. The Famous Coco Chanel (rich lady from back in the day) hooked him up with a studio and limitless supplies to encourage his production.(Lucky fuk! I need a chick like that!)


Picasso did'nt develope his abstract style until after he had painted in the classical style.


Picasso is a good example of how you have to learn the basics before you can go off on your own steez. Learning the basics also lends your work, foundation and credibility.


so yeah, bring your own style to the table of basics.


That 3D joint looks good WRIOT!

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i finished fixin up that jyse i did last night... cept sory its so messy with eraser marks and shit.




If you wanna compare...



I like the fixed version lots better, but maybe it's just me... dunno.


Yea, I think maybe I'll try just outlinin this and then erasin more and it wont look as messy, gonna be too lazy to color.


Thanks for peoples advice cuz everythin really helps. After drawin the thing I just posted above I got kinda the need to practice my hands and throws lol, just cuz its quicker and not necessarily easier, but different so I'm gonna scribble shit on paper till i end up goin out or somethin lol, later and thanks.


Also, Hecz...you told me about how i didnt have letter strucutre on my last thing and shit, just curious what a opinion is now, whether good ro bad, shit talk or not. Since the more opinions the better, so if ya wouldn't mind it'd be cool if ya'd share yours.



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My man,


I got one more page to finish and I got a meeting with Kris Parker tonight so I'll have it out by Monday. No Doubt!




I see you're getting loose with it. That last sketch is a good foundation. the more you work with that, the more you'll funkify it.


You know, sharpen your bends add a little motion flow or whatever you want.


I dont usually kick this style but here's a quick something based on your sketches.


And yeah, listen to HECZ he got good advice.



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thats nice got, you like took my shit and mad it like i dunno, it just like curves and it looks cool. I'm gonna keep workin it at and doni stuff like this everyday instead of 1 every few months lol.


Hopefully I'll develop the style better and make it look ill...


I'm gonna most likely quit postin all my stuff here for a while and then come back. But thanks for all the help Got and the opinions and advice from everyone, peace...

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lol, alright cool... was curious cuz at first im like uh, if it was to me why the fuck would he call my lil cuz. Then was like i dunno, people say cuz... and maybe he was jstu sayin it haha. Oh well... aint no big deal.

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alright, this is somethin i just did like 10 min ago that says angelique, cept it dont fit in the scanner (her damn name is so long lol). It jsut says angeli but whatever. Anywayz, just curious whether or not ya guys think i should continue you with the extra detail like i put on the lower part of the a and n in the beginnin or leave it like it is and take that extra stuff out. I'm just not curious which look better... I know she'll probably think it looks good regardless, I just wanted some opinions.


And btw, I'm an idiot since i just got a cell phone for once and it has a damn camera in it haha. It's nice... so maybe ill take a photo of the whole thing since I've been havin fun playin around with the phone for the past day anywayz lol.



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havent posted here for a while, i kinda like the last one not too bad.. but i wonder.. what the hell is that arrow doing off the side of the a? cmon man.. ha.. if it tickles your fancy then keep it, but i dont think that style is meant to have 1 little arrow stickin out the side of it.


i personally dont dig your A and N very much, the a looks all bunched up and it looks like its made up of too many different bars, the N looks a little italicized or soemthing.. the bar on the I where the L connects looks like it might be comming up too far but i cant see the other half so maybe it balences out..


here is something i think might help make your sketches look better.. GET A DECENT ERASER!! and maybe outline it in black after you pencil it down... then go back over the whole thing with an eraser..



back to that N, on the bottom right part how it kinda kinks into the right leg/bar thinger... personally i dont think it should do that looks like you couldnt figure out something fancy to do with that part of it so you just kinked it around a bit.. but its just my opinion.. i hope it at least expands your imagination a tiny bit further. have fun with it man, dont think of 12oz when you sketch, just think of flow

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thanks for the opinion and everythin, appreciate it and yea, the thing on the side of the a, it would looks weird there because its outta nowhere. Here is the picture in color with everything more wild and not just the a (cuz i didnt finish). Also yea, I just put this up there cuz I wanted opinions on whether or not i should keep it simple like the GEL or more complicated and decided, forget 12oz and jsut to do what i felt so i made everythin all crazy. And yea, I do go over it in black pen and everythin then erase... that was only a rough sketch tho.






thats it in color. Any opinions appreciated.


And yea, I don't do my shit for 12oz, other than just lately I hadn't even gone here at all and trust me I got lots of shit that I never post here cuz I'm too lazy lol.

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yea, i wanted to do that but i dont got like all shades of blue in prismas to make the effect so jsut made it like a bar in the middle. Guess I could maybe switc over to colored pencils for the fade but i didnt lol, oh well :)

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and im still bored and was playin with my cell that hasa camera on it and took a pic of this that was on a dresser next to my computer. I woulda taken more pics of some stuff round here but to get pics on my comp i have to email them to myself one by one and shti, its annoying and e3ven tho im bored im lazy lol. :)



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